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S4C's talking shop; COMMENT & DEBATE.

SIR - I was most concerned to read about S4C's Dyfrig Jones' confused state of mind ( Letters, Feb 17).

Perhaps as the person whose comments were the trigger for his confused state, I feel compelled to offer some answers. Piecing together Jones' statements and other public statements from S4C we now know with certainty, and for the record, that: * S4C's new media forum is no more than a talking shop with no executive commissioning power, influence or budget. * The S4C digital media fund, often trumpeted to the Government as a sign of the channel's progressive strategy, is nowhere to be seen, has no executive in charge, no budget allocated and no strategy.

We also now know that Jones is not acting in an executive capacity as chair of the new media forum, further cementing the fate of the forum as one without any executive ability or capacity to "do" anything.

So with no budget, no executive leadership, no strategy or influence over the future direction of travel, the only real confusing question that could prolong Jones' perplexed state is: what exactly is the purpose of the forum? Why are we paying pounds 8,000 for people to attend a talking shop, when most of those attending talk regularly amongst each other anyway? As I stated in my original observation: If the channel is to truly embrace and succeed in digital, it needs to put "digital" at the heart of its operation under the watchful eye of a senior executive or better still the incoming CEO, and it needs decisive and robust, action. And it needs to act today.

A talking shop on the fringes of the channel is simply not good enough. This and the next generation of digital media consumers in Wales deserve more than lip service. WIL STEPHENS CEO, Cube
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Title Annotation:Editorial
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Feb 19, 2011
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