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S3-based products announced at Comdex; S3's latest acceleration products selected by Dell Computer Corp. and leading board manufacturers at Comdex '94.

SANTA CLARA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nov. 14, 1994--S3 Inc. (NASDAQ:SIII) announced Monday that Dell Computer Corp. has chosen the S3 Trio64, integrated graphics accelerator for its Dimension XPS systems.

The company also announced that Actix Systems, ELSA Inc. and STB Systems all announced products based on S3's recently announced second-generation Vision family.

"We are very pleased with the number of customers at Comdex announcing and demonstrating products based on our latest generation of accelerators," said Terry Holdt, president and chief executive officer of S3. "With these products, we are providing an extended range of integrated solutions for the

desktop PC market without sacrificing performance or functionality."

S3 Inc., Las Vegas Convention Center -- Room LN116

At Comdex, S3 Inc. is demonstrating all of its acceleration products and over 30 of S3 customers are demonstrating at the show. S3 will demonstrate, in LN116, its range of solutions for displaying video and accelerating 2D and 3D graphics.

S3's demonstrations include the:

-- S3 Vision968 64-bit, VRAM-based, integrated graphics and video accelerator

-- S3 Vision868 64-bit, DRAM-based, integrated graphics and video accelerator

-- S3 Trio64 64-bit, DRAM-based integrated mixed signal graphics accelerator

-- S3 Trio32 32-bit, DRAM-based integrated mixed signal graphics


-- S3 Vision/VA 64-bit, companion live video accelerator

-- S3/3Dlabs technology demonstration exhibiting quality,

high-performance 2D, 3D and video acceleration

Dell Computer Corp.--LVCC--L1082

Dell Computer announced two new Dell Dimension XPS systems with new Pentium processors. The new systems, the Dell Dimension XPS P75 and Dell Dimension XPS P100, are offered with 75MHz and 100 MHz Pentium processors respectively. The S3 Trio64, graphics accelerator, is now a standard offering for all Dell Dimension XPS systems, including Dell's current Dell Dimension XPS P60 and Dell Dimension XPS P90 systems.

"The Dimension XPS line offers users advanced technologies without asking them to pay a premium," said Tom Martin, Dell's vice president of worldwide marketing. "By incorporating the highly integrated S3 Trio64, we can offer our customers a cost-effective 64-bit graphics acceleration solution without compromising performance, functionality or quality."

Actix Systems--Sands--S2774

Actix Systems introduced its GraphicsENGINE Ultra 64 AV, based on the S3 Vision968, featuring high-quality video acceleration with high-performance graphics acceleration. It renders full-featured video acceleration for digital video playback with full screen at 30 FPS (frames per second). The 2MB GE Ultra 64 AV can display 16.8 million colors at a resolution of 1024x768 and the 8MB version can support the same amount of colors at a high resolution of 1600x1200.

The new board supports VRAM and is designed for the PCI local bus. The 2 and 4MB versions are available now for a suggested retail price of $365 and $549 respectively. The 8MB version will ship in January 1995 for a suggested retail price of $729.

ELSA Inc.--Sands--S563

ELSA Inc. announced its WINNER 1000AVI graphics and video accelerator board, which is based on the S3 Vision868. The WINNER 1000AVI can support a resolution of 800x600 with 16.7 million colors and is resizable up to 1280x1024 with 256 available colors. The new board ships with 2MB or 1MB of DRAM and supports the PCI or VESA local bus. The WINNER 1000AVI targets home or office multimedia users and is available for less than $350.

ELSA also announced the WINNER 1000Trio, based on the S3 Trio64, integrated graphics accelerator chip. The board is available with 1MB or 2MB of DRAM and supports the PCI or VESA local bus. The WINNER 1000Trio will be competitively priced for users who need high-performance graphics acceleration.

STB Systems--Sands-S4014

STB Systems introduced its Velocity 64V, high-performance graphics and video accelerator board based on the S3 Vision968. The VRAM-based Velocity64V supports 16.7 million colors at all resolutions up to 1280x1024 with configurable refresh rates of over 100 Hz. The new board supports both the PCI and VESA local bus and ships in a 2MB or 4MB configuration. The suggested retail price of the 2MB version is $329 and the 4MB Velocity64V lists for $499.

S3--Innovations in Acceleration

Meeting the needs of emerging multimedia applications, S3's two integrated multimedia accelerators, the Vision868 and Vision968 integrate an optimized 64-bit graphics engine with a sophisticated video playback engine, enabling complete multimedia playback capability for the PC motherboard. Fulfilling the demand for increased performance for the cost-sensitive user, S3's Trio32 and Trio64, integrated graphics accelerators, integrate an advanced graphics engine with a 135 MHz RAMDAC and dual clock synthesizer, using S3's newly developed "Dynamic Power Management" technology.

S3 Inc. is dedicated to applying acceleration technology to create a natural PC interface. A publicly held company, S3 combines silicon and software to accelerate graphics and video for leading PC platforms and operating environments.


 See S3's acceleration products in the following locations:

 Acer LVCC, L2032
 Actix Sands, S2774
 Alaris Hilton Room 19
 DEC LVCC, L2225, L2625, N237, N239
 Dell LVCC, L1082
 Diamond LVCC, L272
 ECS LVCC, L2014
 ELSA Sands, S563
 Epson LVCC, L2090
 Everex LVCC, L2253
 FIC LVCC, L2262
 Genoa Systems Corp. Hilton, H623
 Hercules Computer
 Technology Sands, 4433
 Hewlett-Packard LVCC, L1414, LN104,5,6
 IBM LVCC, L1062, LN101
 Intel LVCC, LN109, 110
 Micronics Hilton, H632
 Miro Sands, S1150
 Nanao USA LVCC, L2268
 NEC LVCC, L1446
 Number Nine Sands, M6203
 Orchid Sands, M7707
 QDI Sands, S2788
 RasterOps Corp. Hilton Room 5
 Sigma Designs Sands, M7414
 STB Systems Sands, S4014
 Tatung LVCC, L2758
 Toshiba America LVCC, L1682
 Technology Works Sands, M5409

Note to Editors: S3 and True Acceleration are registered trademarks of S3 Inc. The S3 corporate Logo, S3 On Board and S3 On Board Logo, Galileo, S3 801, S3 805, S3 PS805, S3 805i, S3 928, S3 928PCL, SDAC, Vision64, Vision864, Vision964, Vision/VA, Trio32, Trio64, Vision866, Vision868 and Vision968 are trademarks of S3 Inc. Other notations of (TM) and (R) are trademarks of their respective firms.

CONTACT: S3 Inc., Santa Clara

George Hervey, Andrew Logan or Anne Banta, 408/980-5400
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