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S+S Spektrum colour sorters for food grade pet recycling.

Closed-Loop Recycling has placed an order valued at 266,000 [pounds sterling] for S+S Spektrum colour sorters for its new food grade plastic recycling facility being built in Dagenham.

The new plant, due to come on-line later this year, will recycle 35,000 tonnes of mixed plastic drinks bottles that would otherwise have been exported for recycling or sent to landfill.

Closed Loop Recycling will process waste bottles into flake form suitable for use by manufacturers of food grade plastics packaging, including drinks bottles.

To ensure that the recycled material is of the highest quality, Closed Loop Recycling will use two stage Spektrum colour sorters from S+S Inspection.

The sorters use the well proven S+S CCD-camera system giving full colour analysis over the whole spectrum to ensure that the recycled material contains only white or blue PET flakes.

The combination of accurate detection of colour variation and precision, high speed air jet separation technology enables the Spektrum sorters to reliably separate flakes as small as 1.7 mm with minimum loss of good material.

By reducing the volume of new PET required and minimising the impact on landfill sites, the new Dagenham PET recycling plant will make a significant contribution to protecting the environment.

Contact S+S Inspection on tel 01489 553740 or visit
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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Jul 1, 2008
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