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S&P intros Analyst's Handbook on disk.

Standard & Poor's, a division of McGraw-Hill, Inc., has introduced a diskette version of its popular S&P Analyst's Handbook. This new product enables anyone concerned with company or industry performance to compare the most vital financial industry index per share data for the S&P 500's 102 sub-indexes and composites.

"By having the S&P Analyst's Handbook on diskette, it will be a real time saver in researching key financial facts," said Elliott Shurgin, vice president, S&P Index Products and Services. "It's now possible to pull industry index data into Lotus 1-2-3 or Excel files. The diskette allows the user to easily create ratios, do year-to-year percentage changes, calculate growth rates, and make projections."

The diskette version can also assist in analysis of market trends, identification of industries in which to invest, research of historical performance through economic expansion and recession, and fundamental analysis of income statements and balance sheets.

Per share data includes:

* Sales

* Operating profit

* Profit margin percent

* Depreciation

* Income taxes

* Cash flow

* Earnings per share

* Earnings percent of sales

* Dividends per share

* Dividends percent of earnings

* Price (high/low)

* P/E ratio (high/low)

* Dividend yields percent (high/low)

* Book value per share

* Book value percent of return

* Working capital

* Capital expenditures

The print version of the S&P Analyst's Handbook is still available and is an easy reference for Market Action Charts that compare each industry against its major group - Industrials, Utilities, Transportation, or Financial. The S&P Analyst's Handbook on diskette is published simultaneously with the print edition and is issued every September.

The S&P Analyst's Handbook on diskette sells for $1000. For current subscribers to the annual hard copy Analyst's Handbook, the cost of the diskette is $750. For current subscribers who also receive monthly supplements, the incremental cost is only $600. To receive a copy of the version only, the cost is $490.

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Title Annotation:Standard and Poor's
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Date:Nov 1, 1993
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