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S&P finishes change to recyclable six-packs.

According to S&P Co.'s chairman, Lutz Issleib, the company's group of breweries - Pabst, Pearl, Falstaff and General - became the first in the nation to totally adopt environmentally-responsible packaging for its products.

The new, "easy-to-open" EZO Hi-Cone six-pack carriers feature pull-down tabs that break the cans free. When discarded, the photo-degradable package is 100-percent recyclable, Issleib reported. Additionally, the break-away rings reduce the risk of entanglement to animals - a major concern with previous packaging.

Issleib noted that the brands with this feature include Pabst Blue Ribbon, Hamm's, Olympia and Olde English 800 from Pabst Brewing; Ballantine, Haffenreffer, Falstaff and Narragansett from Falstaff Brewing; Pearl, Country Club and Texas Pride from Pearl Brewing; and Lucky Lager from General Brewing.
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Title Annotation:S and P Cos.' environmentally-responsible packaging
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Mar 30, 1992
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