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Russian youth demand the return of Cairo-Sochi flights.

Amid the presence of 20,000 persons of different nationalities to take part in the 19th conference for young people and students held in the Russian city of Sochi.

Daily News met with a large number of young Russian people to take part in the event. They have stressed that Egypt is a safe country and that terrorism is a global phenomenon that must be eliminated. They have demanded the return of flights between Egypt and Russia.

The talk of the young Russian people were very warm and enthusiastic, especially when they spoke of Egypt's geographic location and its ancient civilisation, highlighting the absence of a justification for the suspension of flights between Egypt and Russia.

Russian Alexander Bian said that Egypt is an ancient country and that there should be no concerns from visiting it, adding that terrorism is global and must be countered. He hoped the direct flights between Egypt and Russia to return. In addition, he explained that a large number of the Russian youth would like to visit Sharm El-Sheikh, Luxor, and Aswan.

Russian Anna Kiasakovsky said that she hoped to visit the pyramids, the Egyptian museum, and Hurghada. She said that flights must return between the two countries.

Genu Bian also said that she always looks up information online about the Egyptian civilisation and is continuously looking closely at the local developments in the country.

"Two months ago, I started learning Arabic so that I can cope when I visit Egypt, and I hope this happens soon," Bian said.

Bianca Jankovici said that she visited Egypt in April and was able to see all the tourist attractions in Luxor and Aswan. She also met with a large number of Egyptian youth and has a plan to visit Sharm El-Sheikh and Hurghada in February.

"I read about the Egyptian civilisation and would like to see it firsthand during the upcoming period," Bian said, explaining that Egypt is a safe country.

Sheravoia Miyan said that she always visits Egypt and enjoys its safety and the warmth of Egyptians. She also always watches Egyptian films and listens to Egyptian songs.

"Amr Diab is a major Egyptian singer that I listen to. I also love watching Adel Emam," she added.

"Egypt is Safe" campaign has been met with great enthusiasm by all participants who took a picture with the Egyptian flag.

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Publication:Daily News Egypt (Egypt)
Date:Oct 22, 2017
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