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Russian military accuses US of hijacking contraband business in Syria from ISIS.

US and US-affiliated forces in Syria have 'hijacked' the illegal contraband business from ISIS, the Russian General Staff announced Monday in a briefing, APA reports referring to Sputnik.

During the war in Syria, the Russian Ministry of Defence repeatedly accused the US-led coalition of using US-controlled base camps to train jihadist militants being reorganized into the so-called 'New Syrian Army'. Syrian and Iranian officials have similarly accused Washington of shady dealings with Syrian jihadist groups.

According to the Russian military, in addition to their criminal enterprises, US-trained militants have been prepared to destroy oil and gas infrastructure and to organize attacks against Syrian government forces.

According to military intelligence, the US has provided various Arab and Kurdish militias arms in exchange for assistance in the illegal trafficking of Syrian oil.

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Publication:Azeri-Press News Agency
Geographic Code:4EXRU
Date:Jul 29, 2019
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