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Russian Federation : The rating of managing companies was compiled according to the results of 2017.

Based on the results of work in 2017, the specialists of the State Housing Inspection of the Rostov Region formed a rating of the managing organizations of the Don. This was told by the head of the State Housing Inspectorate of the Rostov region Pavel Astashev.

The rating included 412 management companies: 192 - in Rostov-on-Don and 220 - in the municipalities of the Rostov region. The assessment of the activities of the Criminal Code was carried out on the basis of information obtained during the inspection of management organizations.

The rating took into account the area of ??apartment buildings (MKD), which are in the management of the Criminal Code; number of applications received by the State Inspectorate of the Region; number of violations detected; number of unfulfilled prescriptions; number of deviations from inspections and the number of protocols compiled.

In the capital of the Don, the number of the best includes LLC "UK Don" (13 MKD), LLC "Komservis" (7 MKD).

LLC "Our House Service" rose from 82 places in 2016 to 32nd place in 2017, OOO Novem managing company from 93 places in 2016, rose to 33rd place in 2017 (in the management of 7 houses).

As in the past year, the leaders of the group of companies LLC "Quadro" and LLC "Patriot Service", in the management of which 40 MKD area of ??more than 600 thousand square meters (45th place, 56 complaints, 7 violations).

Five of the worst: Maxima LLC (141 MKD, 114 complaints, 96 violations, 16 unfulfilled orders, 2 protocols), Prestige Service LLC (7 MKD, 85 complaints, 28 violations, 7 non-fulfilled orders, 13 evasion checks, 1 protocol), OOO Osnova (107 MKD, 203 appeals, 102 violations, 3 unfulfilled prescriptions, 11 protocols), SU-3 LLC (56 MKD, 306 appeals, 71 violation of 24 unfulfilled prescriptions, 3 protocols). The last place was taken by the management company OOO UO RSU-12 (1 house in the management, 11 appeals, 2 unfulfilled prescriptions, 1 evasion of the inspection).

Recall that in 2016, the rating included 371 management companies that carry out entrepreneurial activities for managing multi-apartment buildings in the Rostov region: 162 in Rostov-on-Don and 209 in municipalities.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Mar 15, 2018
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