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Russian Federation : Samara region: on the way to own brand.

Family agricultural business Kostiny decided to start small. Having learned about the grant for the beginning farmers, the father and son analyzed their possibilities and came to the conclusion - it is worth taking the chance and starting your own business. "Today, agriculture is a business," the son of the head of the family, Alexander Vladimirovich, argues, "that is, you can engage in livestock production not just to drink milk in the morning, but to become an independent person, master of your position." Young businessman is driven not only by healthy ambitions. He is fully aware that the case that he has conceived requires certain knowledge and considerable physical strength. Since school years knows what it is to look after cattle. At the farmstead there were always at least two cows, three pigs, a dozen sheep ... Since childhood, accustomed to bear the burden of responsibility for the conduct of personal part-time farming. And this experience has played an important role in choosing the direction of activity. In addition, a reliable partner is close - a father who has a special education and work experience in the collective farm. Vladimir Evgenievich liked the idea of ??his son. He became his mentor and leader of the peasant farming.

For the construction of the cowshed, the beginning farmers rented a plot of land with an area of ??2 hectares near the village of Semenovka. We carefully studied the market of modern arched type hangars that have a wide range of uses. Having stopped their choice on the reinforced concrete structure, they concluded an agreement with the firm, it carried out the delivery and assembly of the hangar. On the advice of experienced farmers, our characters improved the design by equipping the veterinary treatment of animals with a split - a small corral where conditions for fixing the animal during preventive veterinary services were created. "Our innovation was already appreciated by the veterinarian who conducted the autumn blood sampling," Alexander remarked with satisfaction. "He said that it is from this that the livestock producers working for the future begin." The room measuring 12x36 meters was ready already in August. Simultaneously with its construction, the father and son harvested food for future housewives. Farmers lease 100 hectares of pasture land. The means of the grant were purchased by the agricultural machinery: a tractor, additional devices to it - a mower and rake, from the attachments - a bucket. The forks required for the farm were bought at their own expense. For the season, 200 bales of straw and 150 bales of hay were harvested.

When Costin Jr. first sat down behind the control panel of the tractor, the steel horse did not immediately allow itself to be curbed, although our heroes are not new to the technique. It took a lot of their dedication and enthusiasm before they managed to get a stubborn car. "We spent an hour," Alexander laughs, "but it was worth it." Sensing the complaisance of a roaring tractor, he experienced an inexpressible sense of pride for starting his business with his father. Before, being a student of the instrument-making technical school, and then of the aerospace institute, he did not mean that he would dream of developing his own agricultural business: "I want to produce not just beef, but delicious, high-quality meat." The first step towards this goal has been made. In a well-maintained hangar in quarantine, there are 10 sterile heifers - the initial livestock of the queens purchased with the grant. In the summer they will give the first litter. The founders of the future herd are individuals of Kazakh white-headed breed crossed with Hereford. According to our interlocutor, it is this breed of cattle with competent content and feeding gives a tender marble structure on the structure - what the young cattle breeder dreams about. Having consulted with his father, he staked on the meat direction, believes that this niche in the economy of the district remains free, which means that it gives more chances to succeed.

"Of course, the process of keeping and fattening animals is time-consuming," the younger representative of the family does not deny. "In order to get the weight gain, which is regulated by this breed, from 1200 to 1500 grams per day, it is necessary to maintain a food ration taking into account the need of animals in nutrients." For this alone, our own experience is not enough, we need a scientific approach. The initiator of the project took on board the advice of his uncle, zootechnics with higher education, and with interest delves into all the subtleties of feeding and keeping animals. Since the heifers settled in the hangar, the young farmer has experienced how hard it is to be the owner of cattle. But, being a romantic, philosophically refers to the costs of his new profession. "Going to the farm early in the morning, when others are still basking in the bed, it's nice to feel the fresh coolness, to watch how all the living cast off the night haze, to see the emerald dew at dawn," our hero eloquently shares his impressions. - In the autumn at dawn, the sky above the village seems dark, and you will come to the farm - it is illuminated by tall stars. Mysterious beauty around. " All this pleases and inspires the beginning businessman. At such moments, it seems to him that before the dream - a stone's throw. In the future, he plans to build a shop for processing and establish production of elite beef. Planku for himself defined a high: "As in the advertising of the products of Miratorg: the meadows are clean, and the production is modern, and the products are of high quality." This is not at all a goal peculiar to the fan, but only a guide, how to work, to create your brand from scratch and become a worthy competitor at least among the agricultural producers of the province.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Nov 8, 2017
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