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Russian Federation : Review of Standards for Birthday Cars.

Standardinform prepared a thematic review of the standards in honor of the birthday of the car on January 29th. GOST R 558872013 Automobile vehicles. Training cars. Technical Requirements and Test Methods applies to categories: M1 (cars), M2 (passenger vehicles with more than eight seats, in addition to the drivers, and not more than 5 tons), M3 (more than 5 tons), N1 trucks with technically permissible maximum weight not exceeding 3.5 tons), N2 (from 3.5 to 12 tons), N3 (more than 12 tons), including trailers of categories O1 (with a gross weight of not more than 0.75 tons ), O2 (0.75-3.5 tons), O3 (3.5-10 tons), O4 (more than 10 tons).

According to the standard, the instructors seat in the training vehicle is equipped with redundant controls for intervention in the event of an emergency. In the presence of a manual transmission, they include brakes and clutch, and automatic - only brakes. The instructor has additional devices for indirect vision. Its pedals are located from left to right, depending on the type of gearbox: clutch, brake and fuel pedal, if available. Training cars are not equipped with tachographs, but this device is actively used on vehicles of categories M2, M3, N2, N3.

GOST 340052016 Automotive vehicles. Digital tachographs. Technical requirements and test methods establishes technical requirements for digital tachographs, which are designed for continuous, uncorrectable registration of information about speed, route, mode of work and rest of drivers, as well as its storage and display. The tachograph is used by drivers for registering and registering work and rest schedules, transport enterprises to monitor driver compliance, and checkers to check that drivers follow work, rest and work schedules.

A tachograph consists of an onboard device, a motion sensor, a tachograph card, electrical wiring, an antenna for receiving signals from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). It is installed on the vehicle so that the driver has access to it from his workplace. The device registers the following activities of drivers: "management", "work", "readiness", "break / rest". Performs the calculation and registration of continuous time management and the cumulative time of interruptions in the driver.

A tachograph card is a fake-proof printing product that contains security features. Designed to identify the cardholder and determine his rights to access information. The text of the cards is printed on the background of the following colors: driver card - white, controller - blue, workshop - red, enterprises - yellow.

The tachograph provides a display of visual warnings for at least 30 seconds, followed by an audible signal in the event of the detection of any event or fault. Keeps it visible until the user presses a key to confirm acceptance of this warning note, then the beep stops. The system warns the driver 15 minutes before and at the time of exceeding the maximum allowed time of continuous driving.

For reference. The Federal State Unitary Enterprise Russian Scientific and Technical Information Center for Standardization, Metrology and Conformity Assessment (FSUE Standardinform) is a subordinate organization of Rosstandart. The main activities of the center are the formation and maintenance of the Federal Information Fund of Standards, as well as the official publication, publication and distribution of standardization documents. Standartinform is the operator of the Federal Information Standards Fund, as well as the operator of the NSS.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Jan 31, 2019
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