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Russian Federation : Morgaus district took part in the annual meeting of the Union of Chuvash local lore.

In the National Library of the Chuvash Republic held an annual meeting of the Union of Chuvash local lore. At the event, the results of the work for 2017 were discussed, a long-term plan for the development of Chuvash local lore and tourism, promotion of the best local lore editions for 2017, rewarding distinguished local lore, etc. was considered. Delegates from Tatarstan, districts and cities of Chuvashia attended the meeting. The Morgaus district was represented by 13 delegates, which included the head of the rural libraries of the region, the director of the museum of riding Chuvashes Yermolayev TV, the honored local historian Kargin IA, the people's academician Raevskaya IV, the people's academician of Chuvashia Eragin EE, the local historian Martynov VV, researcher of local lore Petrovsky NG

The meeting was chaired by deputy chairman of the organization Galina Solovieva and executive secretary Olga Timofeeva. Kraevedov was greeted with a salutatory word by Vitaly Stanyal, reports were presented by the chairman of the Cheka Sergey Sorokin, the secretary of the union Rosa Stepanova, prominent local historians Timer Almantai (Cheboksary) and Chaptay Elmen (Cheboksary district). In total, 16 speakers spoke at the meeting, including Alexander Semenov (Kazan), Nikolai Ader (Shumerlya), Lev Yefimov (CSPU), Irina Evgrafova (State Historical Archive of the Chuvash Republic), Antonina Andreeva (Sespylya Museum), Vladimir Milyutin (Kozlovsky District ), Nikolai Smirnov (Kugesi), Alexander Ilyin (South Village) and many others.

The secretary of the Union, the Honored Worker of Culture of the Chuvash Republic Roza Stepanova conducted a detailed review of the information reports of the district offices of the Union of Chuvash Regional Studies for 2017. It marked the active work of the Morgaus district department. The most pleasant moment in the work of the Congress was the awarding ceremony. Ahead of the regional specialists, tireless workers and enthusiasts, there is still a lot of work, new discoveries and ideas, new books and research works.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Apr 3, 2018
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