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Russian Federation : Ministry of Agriculture of Russia: on December 13, the catch of fish and other aquatic bioresources amounted to 4.5 million tons.

As of December 13, 2017, the total catch of fish and other aquatic bioresources by Russian users amounted to 4.55 million tons, which is 2.9% more than last year (2016 - 4.42 million tons). The increase in the indicator was ensured by the Far Eastern, Northern and Caspian basins. The total catch of fish in the Far Eastern Basin was 2.97 million tonnes (2016 - 2.96 million tonnes). Growth is provided by increasing the production of cod in the Bering Sea. The catch of pollock was 1.66 million tonnes, which is 1.8% more than last year (+30.1 thousand tonnes).

In the Northern basin, the catch reached 544.3 thousand tons, which is 4.2 thousand tons higher than the level of the previous year. In the cod fishery, the production level rose to 380.8 thousand tonnes (+4.0 thousand tonnes). On the Baltic Sea, the total catch amounted to 68.6 thousand tons. In the sprat fishery, 35.0 thousand tons were produced (2016 - 32.5 thousand tons). Catch of Baltic herring amounted to 20.7 thousand tons (2016 - 22.5 thousand tons). Fishermen of the Azovo-Black Sea basin caught 81.8 thousand tons of fish and other aquatic biological resources (2016 - 93.7 thousand tons). The decrease in catch is due to a decrease in the production of sprat and other fishery items. At the same time, the catch in the basin increased to 43.6 thousand tonnes (2016 - 40.4 thousand tonnes). In the Caspian basin, the total catch increased to 63.0 thousand tons (2016 - 61.4 thousand tons). The development of quotas for catching fish in zones of foreign states also increased. As of December 13, production was 450.8 thousand tons (2016 - 386.7 thousand tons). The increase is mainly due to catch in the zone of Angola and Morocco.

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Dec 14, 2017
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