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Russian Federation : In the Altai Territory cattle breeders are rewarded for their good work with premiums and permits for sanatorium treatment.

The Altai Territory is the only region in the country where a special system for encouraging dairy cattle workers has been developed. 11 years ago, such support of workers was initiated by the head of the region Alexander Karlin. Moral and material encouragement was then received only by milkmaids. Subsequently, this idea was developed - and the club of the best livestock breeders of the Altai Territory was established, which includes the best workers of other professional groups involved in dairy cattle breeding. Cattle breeders receive cash bonuses, vouchers for sanatorium treatment and valuable gifts. For this purpose, this year the regional budget will finance more than 17 million rubles.

This year, the rating among the operators of machine milking cows is headed by the masters of the Altai farm in the Zarinsky district. Maria Rimmer, according to the results of the last year, from each cow milked 11454 kilograms of milk, and her colleague Galina Faleyeva - at 11045 kilograms. This is the record for the entire history of dairy cattle breeding.

The second year in a row included the master of milking machine Svetlana Shadrina. In 2017, it provided an annual yield of 10530 kilograms of milk per cow. "We just worked, we work and we will work. For us, this attention is very pleasant. Of course, this stimulates to work even better, "she said.

"We just worked, we work and we will work. For us, this attention is very pleasant. Of course, this encourages to work even better, "- says Svetlana Shadrina.

For the first time Evgenia Avdoshkina entered the club's nomination among large-scale workers. According to the results of the last year, from each cow she fed on 10916 kilograms of milk, which is one of the best results among colleagues in the province.

Evgenia Leonidovna livestock breeder - in the third generation. Her grandmother and mother also worked in the industry. "I followed in their footsteps and I think that I have a very responsible job, because every cow has its own character, each one needs to find an approach. The most serious period is a massive calving. At this time we need to work at the maximum to competently spend a split cow, "- says the operator of machine milking cows.

In the group of cows with which Evgeniya Avdoshkina works, the most delicious cow of the Altai Territory Bavaria, which for 305 days of lactation gave 15402 kilograms of milk, is contained.

The fact that the farm contains high-yielding cows is told by another newcomer of the cattle breeders' club - Maria Rimmer. As a result of last year, she became the absolute leader among the masters of machine milking cows - provided an annual yield of a cow in 11451 kilograms of milk. This is a record among milkmaids in the history of dairy cattle breeding in the region. "The breed at us udoyanaja - black-motley. Plus, they are fed well, there would be a diet of bad milk so much would not get. I work in the farm for three years. When our chief livestock specialist came to me, he suggested taking a group of heifers. Of course, I doubted, but I agreed. Then, when the calving was over, the cows were given so much milk that I could not believe it. I am a pensioner, but I do not want to go to rest, it's a pleasure to work with such animals in such a collective, "says Maria Kuvanshevna.

Chief livestock specialist of "Altai" Natalia Kharlamova is proud of the fact that the farm has achieved decent figures for livestock. "I'm bursting with pride for the fact that our cattle breeders are among the best in the province. Such results were obtained in just a few years. Of course, the impetus was the willingness of the enterprise management to form a herd only by breeding animals. Already in 2016, achieved the first good results, and by the end of 2017 to get even the best God himself ordered. From the point of view of technology and the physiology of animals, everything is clear: after the second calving, the cows are added in milk, "says the chief specialist of the enterprise.

According to Natalia Kharlamova, the key to success in animal husbandry is the observance of the technology of keeping and feeding animals. "The heifer needs to be properly grown and it should be done from the first day of the animal's life. Workers of animal husbandry help to observe all these nuances. All in a complex and gives such result ", - considers the livestock expert.

First of all, she calls diligence. "These are milkmaids with a lot of experience. These are the people who believed us, competently and clearly perform their work, "- emphasizes the company's chief specialist.

In general, the provision of high milk yields in the economy is complex work: the creation of comfortable working conditions, the acquisition of a highly productive herd, and a quality feed base, and the modernization of production.

Livestock in Altai was completely replaced, formed by tribal animals from the farms of our region - the Prigorodnoye Uchkhoz and the collective farm of the Collective Farm. Lenin Biysky district, as well as from the Sverdlovsk, Leningrad, Chelyabinsk regions.

Another factor is the fodder base. In the diet of animals, along with the traditional coarse and juicy forages introduced cake, feed additives. The farm successfully grow corn for grain, which is also included in the "menu" burrs. "Corn is a completely digestible food, so the increase in productivity is obvious," explains Natalia Kharlamova.

In addition, the farm is actively engaged in the reconstruction, modernization and construction of livestock buildings. In total, four rooms designed for 800 cows were reconstructed, and three cottages were built.

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Date:Mar 3, 2018
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