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Russian Federation : Head of the CEC of Bashkortostan Haydar Valeev told voters about the nuances of voting.

Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Bashkortostan, Haydar Valeyev, on the eve of the presidential elections in Russia, answered the questions of the residents of the republic. Over "direct wire" for communication with the head of the regional CEC went out more than 20 voters of the republic. First of all, people were interested in whether they could use their voting right.

The first call came from a resident of the Abzelilov district. The voter was interested in whether she could vote in her native Bashkir language. Haydar Valeev assured the villager that a sufficient number of bulletins were produced in Bashkiria in three languages. At the request of the territorial commissions, in addition to the forms in Russian - 2 million 532 thousand 966 copies, more ballots were produced in the Bashkir and Tatar languages ??- 348,300 and 186,800, respectively.

A resident of Ufa only today learned about the upcoming business trip and did not have time to apply through the portal of state services and the MFC until March 12. The head of the Central Election Commission of Bashkiria explained that, in principle, it is not too late to make a choice, but it will be necessary to personally come to your polling station for registration and write a statement. Based on it, you can vote by location.

The oil-man last year sold the apartment and invested in shared construction. At the moment he does not have a residence permit. The CEC explained to the voter that before March 12 he could choose any site of Neftekamsk for voting, now he will be able to fulfill his civic duty only at station number 119 in the capital of Bashkiria. It is located on the street Posadskaya, 26. It is on this site that citizens of Russia can make their choice without official registration.

On the direct wire received several calls from voters with disabilities. So, a resident of the Alsheevsky District, for health reasons, always votes at home. And the sister who visits her on this day can not vote with her. Haydar Valeev said that the sister should write an application to his commission on voting at the location on this site and before 14.00 on March 18 notify the district commission about voting at home.

Another call was related to the need for volunteers to help in the voting of older people. The head of the CEC explained that the recommendations on the involvement of independent volunteers to election commissions are given.

A resident of the Demsk district was interested in how to find out if he was included in the voter list on his site. He was given a detailed explanation of how to get all the information online on the CEC website.

A resident of the village of Dubki, Ufa district, said that the polling station is in another village. The villagers ask the commission members to come with the urns to Dubki or take them to the station. Haydar Valeev explained that the heads of municipalities should resolve the issue of providing affordable transport in order for people to have the opportunity to vote.

A resident of Ufa was going on a business trip and chose a site at the location. Now the business trip was canceled, and the voter does not know how to vote. The organizer of elections in the region said that it remains an opportunity to participate in elections at his polling station at the place of the main residence permit.

All calling on the "direct wire" Haidar Valeyev invited to the election of the Russian President on March 18, 2018.

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Date:Mar 14, 2018
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