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Russian Federation : Far Easterners choose names for their airports: the second stage of the project Great Names of Russia is underway.

Until October 28, residents of eight Far Eastern regions can offer their version of the name of their airport. This can be done on the site of the All-Russian project Velikiemenemena.rf, as well as with the help of the participants of the Victory Volunteers Corps, who began working in the regions.

At the first stage of the Great Names of Russia competition, regional public chambers, based on the results of discussions at their sites, compiled a primary list. This stage is complete. Tentative lists include from three to ten candidate options for each airport.

Airport "Yakutsk" can get the name of Valery Kuzmin, the first pilot of the Yakuts, Honored Pilot of the USSR, participant of the ferry route Alsib. November 7th, since the birth of the famous commander of the Yakutsk Joint Aviation Squad, will turn 100 years old. Kuzmin was one of the first pilots of Yakutia, who had flown a million kilometers, the only Yakut pilots who mastered 12 types of aircraft. Today, the Yakutia Aviation Museum is operating in the air terminal. If the assignment of the name Kuzmin to the Yakutsk Airport receives support, the airport administration will be able to complement the design of the terminal on the subject of Yakutia aviation, create installations and expositions dedicated to the life and contribution of Valery Kuzmin.

Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Airport can be given the name of St. Innocent (Veniaminov). In the XIX century, he baptized thousands of people, built temples, in which he founded schools and taught children to them. He created the alphabet of the Aleut language and translated the New Testament into it. Fought smallpox epidemics with massive vaccinations. Other candidates proposed for the Sakhalin airport include Russian navigator Admiral Ivan Kruzenshtern, Russian Admiral of the Far East Gennady Nevelsky, who proved that Sakhalin is the island, the commander-in-chief of the Soviet troops in Sakhalin in the war with Japan, the founder of Soviet judo and one of the founders of the Sambo , born in Sakhalin, Vasily Oschepkov, Russian writer Anton Chekhov.

Admiral Gennady Nevelsky got into the list of candidates for assigning the name to the Khabarovsk airport. In addition, the airport of Khabarovsk can get the name of the Governor-General of Eastern Siberia, Nikolai Muravyov-Amursky, the character of the books V. Arsenyev - the Dersu Uzala, a Udege man, the Soviet sniper Maxim Passar, the Russian land explorer Yerofey Khabarov.

The primary list of names for the Blagoveshchensk airport includes Russian artist Alexander Tikhomirov, Soviet film director, actor, screenwriter, native of the Amur region Leonid Gaidai, Russian theater and film actor, film director, script writer and writer Valery Primyemov, test pilot Viktor Evseev.

The Public Chamber of the Magadan Region included in the list the name of the designer Sergey Korolev, the first director of the Dalstroy trust Eduard Berzin; geologist Yuri Bilibin; poet, artist Vladimir Vysotsky; artist Georgy Zhzhyonov; writer Oleg Kuvaev; participants of the Great Patriotic War spouses Ivan and Alexandra Boyko; polar pilot, commander of the fermentation division "Alsib" Ilya Mazuruk; commander of the squadron "Komsomolets Dalstroi" Vitaly Popkov.

In Primorsky Krai, they also made a list of people who made a great contribution to the development of the region, among them traveler, geographer and writer, researcher of the Far East Vladimir Arsenyev, Vice-Admiral Stepan Makarov, founder of Vladivostok Nikolay Muraviev-Amursky swimming Anna Schetinina, Russian rock musician Ilya Lagutenko.

Among the declared outstanding personalities for the airport of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky are the great navigators, heroes of the country, historians and local historians. In particular, Vladimir Atlasov, Vitus Bering, Semyon Dezhnev, Ivan Elagin, Vasily Zavoyko, Stepan Krasheninnikov, Vladimir Koyanto (Kosygin), Kirill Kilpalin, Alexander Maksutov, Alexey Chirikov were on the list. Also Tatyana Ustinova, Ivan Kruzenshtern, Nikolai Rezanov, Ilya Mazuruk, Sergey Nikiforov and Valery Chkalov claim for getting into the long list of the competition.

Recall that in the third stage from October 29 to November 7, with the help of sociological surveys, the three leaders will be determined for each airport. From 8 to 30 November will be the final vote. Any resident of Russia will be able to vote, but only once. This can be done on the website of Velikiemena.rf, on Vkontakte or Odnoklassniki social networks, using SMS messages or by filling in a questionnaire to be published in print media, as well as being distributed to volunteer posts located at railway stations and at airports. Fill out the form will be on board the aircraft. Names that ultimately complement the official names of airports will be announced on December 5th.

We note that the assignment of the name of the airport does not mean its renaming, therefore it does not entail a change of the international code or other changes in the air transportation system.

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