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Russian Federation : Aldans are getting ready for Ysyakha Olonkho in Aldan District.

In preparation for the republican Ysyakhu Olonkho-2018, more than 770 residents of the Aldan District took part in the fair and master classes that took place from 16 to 18 February in Aldan, Khatystyr village and Ugoian village.

Igor Sakhno, deputy head of the district administration for social issues, welcomed the guests from different uluses of the republic at the exhibition, which opened in the Aldan business incubator. "Ysyakh Olonkho is a new event for us, and we pin hopes on a fair that will give impetus to our masters and entrepreneurs of the district who will be able to successfully apply this knowledge to dress people and sew national costumes for communities," he said.

Maya Ambrosyeva, an expert of the Ministry of Culture and Spiritual Development of the RS (Y), addressed the participants of the fair. She recalled that until the Ysyakha Olonkho was left almost six months. "We have already held a scientific and practical conference, which showed great interest of the population of the district. I want to thank the Aldan people for their hospitality. For you, Ysyakh Olonkho is a new holiday. With your help we will make it memorable not only for the whole republic, for the entire Far East, "the representative of the ministry expressed confidence.

Maya Gavrilievna emphasized that the best masters of Khangalassky, Megino-Kangalassi, Tattinsky, Vilyuisky uluses, the delegation of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, under the leadership of Zoya Reyeva, the head of the exhibition and fair congress department, had come to the fair.

At the opening of the fair, the methodologist of the Department of Culture and Spiritual Development of the Khangalassky ulus, Nadezhda Stepanova, made a speech. Hangalassky models demonstrated the collection of Anisya Fadeeva, created from photographs of the XVIII century. The audience was in pleasant surprise from the works.

The program of events was very busy. In addition to the fair-sale of costumes, shoes, jewelry, books and teaching aids, the main highlight was master classes. The head of the creative workshop "Ouwardaah Taatta" Marianna Stepanova taught the Aldans and guests of the city to open the Yakut national waistcoat. Lessons on spinning gave the master of folk art crafts of the RS (Y) Ignaty Konstantinov. The master of folk art crafts of the RS (Y) on tailoring of national clothes Anisiya Fadeeva showed the secrets of cut; Tatyana Permyakova taught to make jewelry from beads, and Yuri Romanov, a teacher of additional education PSH No. 3, gave a master class on making souvenirs from ceramics and clay.

With an educational lecture "What is Olonkho?" Before the population of the district, Ruslan Anisimov, deputy director of the State Educational Institution of the Federal Agency for Education and Science of the Federal Agency for Education and Science of the Olonkho Research Institute, delivered a speech. The lecture was supported by the screening of the film "The Epic World of Olonkho" by Alexei Romanov.

An exhibition of the Center of Folk Applied Arts and Art Crafts "Simeh" and masters of folk art creativity of the Belletsky heritage was also opened in the Bellet national heritage. Participants of the event were greeted with a solemn ceremony "Meeting Guests". The folk ensemble "Ankenaken" performed the dance "Masters", a dance with kumalans. At the exhibition, the masteress Gavrilova VN. showed the guests a defile of national costumes and fur products. Products of craftsmen of national art creativity of Marina Maksimova, Nadezhda Grigorieva, Valentina Gavrilova, Zinaida Grigoryeva, Larisa Pakhomova and Nina Petrova were exhibited.

Master class on cutting and sewing was conducted by the national master of RS (Y), the keeper of the fund "Simeh" Asia Kharlampiev. Master-class on beadwork was conducted by Iya Geres and Asiaina Kharlampieva, for manufacturing horse makhaloks - dabirir - specialist of the NChP and crafts "Simeh" Dmitry Kolodeznikov. The local craftsman Nadezhda Grigorieva showed the villagers and guests how to sew children's slippers from deer skin and the technology of making the thread from the tendon.

At the same time, in the village of Khatystyr of the Belletsky heritage, master classes were held on northern dances with participants of the folk group "Ankenak", the club of young mothers "Galen". They were held by Lyubov Nikitina, art director of the Theater of Indigenous Peoples of the North and Yevdokia Kuzmenko, the main choreographer of the Northern Bloc. Master classes with the participation of "Girkilen", pupils of school ?37 and pupils of kindergarten "Kunney" were held in the village of Ugoian.

Such an extensive and deep immersion in ethnic culture aroused great resonance and turned out to be so useful and important for the Aldan people that the residents of the district expressed the desire to introduce such exchanges of creativity and experience in the tradition, to make them in the plans of the Ministry of Culture and Cultural Directorates on the ground, the official website of the ministry .

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Publication:Mena Report
Date:Mar 5, 2018
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