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Russia - The Bovanenkovo Field.

Bovanenkovo's production is essential to offset a decline in the output of Gazprom's mature fields. Gazprom has tried but failed to bring this giant structure on stream in June, three months ahead of schedule. Now it is not likely to bring Phase-I production before October at the rate of about 15 BCM/year, rising later in the year to over 20 BCM/year.

Bovanenkovo's proven gas reserves have been put at 4.9 TCM. These reserves lie in Cenomanian formations at varying depth.

The field began its test production in early March 2012 at the rate of 70 MCM/day coming out of test wells, related pipelines and a 30 BCM/year gas treatment facility - the first of its kind for this field.

Gazprom is having a 1,240-km pipeline built from the field to Ukhta in north-western Russia. This will have a capacity of 60 BCM/year which is to be completed before the end of September. Gazprom is also having a second 30 BCM/year treatment facility built, which will be completed by end-2012 or early 2013. This will allow Gazprom to begin Phase-II production at the rate of 46.3 BCM/year in 2013.

The final phase of the field is to reach a plateau of 115 BCM/year. For this, two additional treatment plants are to be built and the pipeline to Ukhta is to be expanded.
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Publication:APS Review Gas Market Trends
Date:Aug 20, 2012
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