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Russia`s Kamaz Opened 2nd Assembly Line in Iran.

Kamaz`s second assembly line is located at the assembly enterprise in Iran established jointly with Rakhsh Khodro Diesel Co. Kamaz`s first line was launched last year in Iran. According to Rafail Gafeyev, Iran Region Director of Kamaz Trade and Finance Company, in 2008 the company shipped to Iran almost 900 assembly sets, and from the beginning of their deliveries Co a bit less than one thousand units. To date about 250 vehicles are assembled and delivered to customers. At the same time Gafeyev noted that the number of orders confirmed by advance payments which Kamaz accepts from its customers is over thousand units. Almost the whole main range of heavy vehicles is delivered to Iran Co these are Kamaz-5460, -6460, -6520 vehicles. Assembly of the first batch of Kamaz -53605 vehicles is launched. In August there will be shipped the first batch of assembly sets for side prime movers on Kamaz -6520 chassis with a long base, a high cab and an engine of 360 h.p. ItCOs planned to deliver the first batch of assembly sets for Kamaz -5360 chassis in September. ItCOs planned to ship about 1700 assembly sets for Kamaz in 2008, approximately the same volumes are still planned for 2009. Thus, already this year Iran can become the largest foreign export market for Kamaz.

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Publication:Moj News Agency (Tehran, Iran)
Date:Aug 2, 2008
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