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Russia's Internet service provider joins the CIX.

Sovam Teleport announced that it has become the first Russian member of the Commercial Internet Exchange (CIX). Sovam Teleport, pioneered electronic mail service into Soviet Moscow in 1986.

Using their high speed Russian-based X.25 network and 64 kilobyte leased line to the West, Sovam Teleport will now have the advantage of handling unlimited types of Internet traffic without requiring its users to route commercial traffic differently from non-commercial traffic.

Until recently, the Internet in Russia has only been available to academics, scientists, and industry insiders for non-commercial purposes. With CIX membership, Sovam Teleport's customers can now connect to over 30,000 computer networks and three million daily Internet users throughout the world.

Sovam Teleport was created as a joint venture between the Russian Academy of Science's Institute for Automated Systems (IAS), and San Francisco/Moscow Teleport, Inc. (now SFMT, Inc.). Cable & Wireless plc, a publicly held, British-based global telecommunications provider, became a third partner in 1992.

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Title Annotation:Sovam Teleport joins Commercial Internet Exchange
Publication:Information Today
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Date:Oct 1, 1994
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