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Rushdie short story to be made into film starring his girlfriend.


Controversial author Salman Rushdie, is working on a screen adaptation of his 1997 short story, 'The Firebird's Nest', which will star his actress girlfriend Padma Lakshmi.

Rushdie and Lakshmi, who is also executive producer for the film, have chosen little known Indian director Apoorva Lakhia to bring the story to the screen after seeing his debut feature film, and has worked with Lakshmi before on Bollywood flop 'Boom'.

Although the story concerns the relationship of an older man and younger woman, Lakhia insists it is not based on Rushdie and Lakshmi's relationship. He said the story was written before the two had even met.

The director also said that the film would not be a traditional Bollywood adaptation, reports The Guardian.
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Date:Jan 19, 2004
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