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WRAP-UP: Egypt concludes International Cooperation Forum's 1st edition after addressing investment in human capital. Egypt Today staff Sep 9, 2021 1358
Hedge boost for economy. Sep 8, 2021 159
'Haya Karima' project to develop Egyptian countryside is the biggest in the country's modern history: Sisi. Egypt Today staff Jul 15, 2021 924
Farmers' land use mapped from space. NANCY NICOLSON Jun 10, 2021 393
Egypt allocates more than LE 600B to develop countryside. Egypt Today staff Jun 2, 2021 322
You are politically irrelevant; Wike tells Ameachi. May 20, 2021 222
Winning photos capture top Northumberland views during lockdown; Amateur photographers from across Northumberland submitted dozens of photographs of evocative everyday scenes as part of a 'View from the Doorstep' competition held by CPRE, the countryside charity. Paul Larkin May 8, 2021 481
'Boost farming by cutting food miles'. NANCY NICOLSON Apr 7, 2021 389
Green belt homes plan labelled 'unnecessary'. RICHARD GUTTRIDGE Apr 6, 2021 472
Calls for deer probe at City Deal project; Govt agency says animals'failed'. STEPHEN HOUSTON Mar 23, 2021 640
Angry villagers step up fight over car park plan for green belt land. DAVID IRWIN Local Democracy Reporter Mar 18, 2021 542
Favourable trade and standards key to farming success; Future government support for farming will no longer be about simply maintaining the profitability of individual businesses but will be an investment in the sector best placed to deliver real returns in the green recovery. Mar 3, 2021 459
City MP leads review on party's rural policy. Feb 25, 2021 227
OPEN SPACES 'AT RISK' SAYS NEW REPORT; Five-fold rise in housing on protected land is revealed. MARK ANDREWS Feb 25, 2021 378
China steps up focus on food security in major policy document. Feb 22, 2021 533
Using Urban Planning To Boost Human Settlements, Economy. Feb 17, 2021 837
Developing countryside will enhance Egypt's healthcare system: President Al-Sisi. Bassant Mohammed Feb 16, 2021 564
Stargazers needed for survey. TONY HENDERSON @Hendrover Feb 6, 2021 724
Al-Sisi asserts desire to complete 'Decent Life' initiative to develop countryside. Bassant Mohammed Jan 25, 2021 583
Green spaces under threat - charity. Nov 24, 2020 215
Ewing faced by call to 'stop dithering'. NANCY NICOLSON Nov 19, 2020 419
Govt determined to protect rural women rights: CM. Oct 15, 2020 164
Estate sells its land off to trust; Buccleuch's 750 acre deal for Holm Hill site. SHARON LIPTROTT Sep 25, 2020 194
'Planning reforms could strip away local democracy' EXPERT SAYS THERE'S 'HUGE PRICE TO PAY' WITH GOVERNMENT REFORMS. TONY EARNSHAW @examiner Sep 16, 2020 835
Views sought on 350 homes. RORY SMITH Aug 14, 2020 208
Row Develops Over UK Government's Drive To Cut House Building Red Tape. Aug 6, 2020 907
Radical planning shift is 'over-simplification' CPRE criticises proposed shake-up of system after recent announcement by the housing minister. ROB SMITH Reporter Aug 4, 2020 345
Call for more action to protect farms against rural crime wave. DOMINIC ROBERTSON Aug 4, 2020 655
Holiday lodge plan is opposed by charity. Aug 1, 2020 375
SATURDAY AUGUST 1. Jul 26, 2020 151
Proposals put forward to simplify rural planning system. Jul 21, 2020 375
Petition aims to block homes plan for green belt land. RACHEL STRETTON Jul 18, 2020 718
Conservationists are calling on MPs to protect landscapes. Jul 9, 2020 285
Taiping among Malaysia's 10 happiest cities. Jun 2, 2020 345
Canadian Quarry Fighting to Open. Jun 1, 2020 178
Optimizing Spatial Distribution of Urban Green Spaces by Balancing Supply and Demand for Ecosystem Services. Ji, Yi-Wen; Zhang, Lang; Liu, Jie; Zhong, Qicheng; Zhang, Xinxin Apr 30, 2020 5275
Children urged to write about great outdoors. LEWIS CLARKE @DEVONLIVENEWS Apr 23, 2020 323
Redrawing State Lines? Krey, Patrick Apr 6, 2020 445
My old grandad had a farm...and agricultural methods of the past y icultural he knew what he was doing: ar How are helping protect rural future; Author winds clock back 50 years to grow white-striped herd and tempt endangered wildlife back to the farm. Maggie Ritchie Mar 22, 2020 1261
Committee wants limit on policy testing period; Brexit: Scottish Government warned against delay in founding legislation. NANCY NICOLSON Mar 3, 2020 280
Has Rural Migration Weakened Agricultural Cultivation? Evidence from the Mountains of Southwest China. Zhang, Shaoyao; Deng, Wei; Peng, Li; Zhou, Peng; Liu, Ying Mar 1, 2020 9546
Rural life protection call; Council to consider MSP's proposal for remote communities bill. KIRSTEN ROBERTSON Feb 18, 2020 470
ANGUS MCCALL. Feb 8, 2020 472
Prince's Fund in plea for evidence. Feb 8, 2020 198
New office- bearers of CUET Teachers Assoc. Jan 25, 2020 174
Council won't be able to resist developing on fields, says group. Jan 24, 2020 419
Green belt campaigners to take on council planners over Warfield 4,000 homes plan; Plans for the new homes at Jealott's Hill have been strongly opposed by neighbours. Ollie Sirrell Jan 18, 2020 350
More than 1,200 sign petition against housing plans. Jan 15, 2020 301
More than 1,200 sign petition against housing plans. Jan 15, 2020 302
New rules can stop sell-offs. Jan 14, 2020 212
>> Council farms 'still profitable'. Dec 19, 2019 105
Correcting a misconception. Dec 4, 2019 226
May I correct this misconception. Dec 4, 2019 227
COMMENT. Dec 4, 2019 537
Support for countryside. Nov 27, 2019 261
Please support our countryside. Nov 27, 2019 261
Views invited to help study into livestock marts; Auctions: Prince's fund commissions research. GEMMA MACKENZIE Nov 14, 2019 320
GIVING BIRTH TO A GLOBAL CRISIS; PENMAN THURSDAY 14.11.2019 DAILY MIRROR 41 DM1ST from the fishy to the fraudulent INVESTIGATES @PenmanMirror. PENMAN Nov 14, 2019 414
GIVING BIRTH TO A GLOBAL CRISIS; PENMAN THURSDAY 14.11.2019 DAILY MIRROR 39 DMUULS from the fishy to the fraudulent INVESTIGATES @PenmanMirror. PENMAN Nov 14, 2019 427
China's rural policy bank to strengthen credit support for hog production. Nov 12, 2019 166
VOLUNTEER FIREFIGHTERS SMALL TOWN SAVIORS: Burning through limited resources, these selfless citizens are fighting a problem that their extensive training hasn't prepared them to contain. Rapp, Callene Nov 1, 2019 952
County's rural beauty put in the frame; BEAUTIFUL IMAGES OF RURAL SHROPSHIRE SUBMITTED TO COMPETITION. Oct 26, 2019 523
A crime team for rural areas. LIAM BEARD @LiamBeard Oct 17, 2019 361
MP welcomes Cornfields move; E&S BRIEFING. Pat McFadden Oct 14, 2019 186
Farming Alone: Factors Influencing Farmland Conversion Along the Rural-Urban Fringe. Sep 22, 2019 214
Call for clarity in rural sector; LAND. Sep 17, 2019 140
Call to capture country's beauty; STAR BRIEFING. Aug 28, 2019 125
Capture countryside for chance to win; STAR BRIEFING. Aug 24, 2019 116
Teaming up for big countryside clean up. Aug 19, 2019 209
Experts helping steer direction of rural policies; Knowledge: Input provided from range of fields SRUC's Professor Davy McCracken offers an insight into work at the college's hill and mountain research centre. Aug 19, 2019 420
Rural plan takes step forward. Aug 17, 2019 127
Welsh countryside has to be utilised positively to protect rural communities. Jul 31, 2019 679
Who is getting this extra fee to protect rural ATMs? It's all in the way you define the term 'operators'. Jul 26, 2019 162
Care for countryside wins Selby top award. Jul 25, 2019 485
'A decade to get sustainable'. Jul 17, 2019 569
'UK must shift to sustainable farming post-Brexit' - report. Jul 16, 2019 491
NATURE Countryside snaps for 70th. Jul 16, 2019 145
Follow tri-policy method for qualitative governance in Telangana: KCR to officials. Jul 11, 2019 518
Why council could face legal action over [pounds sterling]200m 'millionaires' golf course' plan on green belt land; The plans include building a hotel and 150 homes on green belt land. Jul 10, 2019 789
French regulator approves La Poste takeover to protect rural services. Jun 26, 2019 201
NEWS BRIEFING Concerns over the loss of green belt. Jun 17, 2019 155
Concern over climate change and house building. Jun 17, 2019 209
'We must protect our vital green belt land' Campaigners call for brownfield-first approach to development. Jun 17, 2019 619
Concerns over the loss of green belt; NEWS BRIEFING. Jun 17, 2019 155
Anger over 'nightmare' bridge closure diversion; WORKS ? Motorists face three-week delay - because height sign fell down. Jun 15, 2019 475
Snap to it and showcase your photos. Jun 4, 2019 298
Rural plan should be a priority for new MEPs; We want to ensure they understand how important our industry isMinette Batters, John Davies, Andrew McCornick and Ivor Ferguson. Jun 1, 2019 367
[pounds sterling]2.3BILLION could be raised for local charities if we had a deposit scheme on drinks cans and bottles; If there was a 10p-20p deposit required for drinks containers, a fifth of people said they'd donate it to charity every time. May 30, 2019 374
[pounds sterling]2.3BILLION could be raised for local charities if we had a deposit scheme on drinks cans and bottles; If there was a 10p-20p deposit required for drinks containers, a fifth of people said they'd donate it to charity every time. May 30, 2019 374
[pounds sterling]2.3BILLION could be raised for local charities if we had a deposit scheme on drinks cans and bottles; If there was a 10p-20p deposit required for drinks containers, a fifth of people said they'd donate it to charity every time. May 30, 2019 375
[pounds sterling]2.3BILLION could be raised for local charities if we had a deposit scheme on drinks cans and bottles; If there was a 10p-20p deposit required for drinks containers, a fifth of people said they'd donate it to charity every time. May 30, 2019 374
[pounds sterling]2.3BILLION could be raised for local charities if we had a deposit scheme on drinks cans and bottles; If there was a 10p-20p deposit required for drinks containers, a fifth of people said they'd donate it to charity every time. May 30, 2019 374
Territorialities, spatial inequalities and the formalization of land rights in Central Benin. Delville, Philippe Lavigne; Moalic, Anne-Claire May 1, 2019 10325
Peers to call on ministers to treat rural areas fairly. Apr 27, 2019 532
Brownfield or leafy suburb? Apr 3, 2019 162
Brownfield sites - or leafy suburbia? Apr 3, 2019 149
Kirklees is breaking its own electoral promise. Mar 30, 2019 366
Rural action for economy. Mar 22, 2019 184
Developer refused leave to build between town and village. Mar 15, 2019 264
Plans for 98-home estate on 'green wedge' between Easington Village and Peterlee refused; Gleeson Regeneration Ltd aimed to build a new estate on land south of Nursery Gardens, off Thorpe Road, on the southern side of Easington Village. Mar 14, 2019 662
Real Property - Subdivision - County Approval - Civil Practice - Standing Organization. Mar 12, 2019 491
Council overrides its own climate policies. Mar 11, 2019 584
Mansion plan for greenfield site. Feb 20, 2019 519
Stitt to address Farm Bureau members. Conference notes Feb 5, 2019 120
Brits urged to count the stars in bid to measure light pollution levels; Star Count 2019 aims to assess how bad light pollution is across the UK and anyone can help. Feb 1, 2019 443
Bibliometric Analysis of Published Postgraduate Dissertations About Clustering Within the Scope of Regional Development (2006-2017): An Evaluation from Tourism Perspective. Saatci, Gencay; Yalcinkaya, Tank Report Feb 1, 2019 6924
CPRE: Act now to protect soil. Dec 5, 2018 387
Killen: Poor penalised by drop in ATMs. Dec 3, 2018 207
Rural group seeks new recruits. Nov 23, 2018 539
How you can help protect the North East's beautiful countryside; Group which campaigns to help ensure the region's countryside is protected now seeking new volunteers. Nov 22, 2018 554
Cut off. Vieth, Peter Nov 19, 2018 877
Park of Keir work to 'start in spring' MAJOR PLANS Judy sets out timetable for PS40m scheme. Nov 7, 2018 618
Watch our Nov. 12-13 symposium on rural Texas, and include your community in the conversation. Oct 10, 2018 1145
Dip don't dazzle for darker skies. Oct 4, 2018 690
Dip your lighting to protect our dark skies; home and business owners urged to stop using led floodlights. Oct 4, 2018 680
Livelihoods are at risk from poor rural policy. Sep 22, 2018 149
Multnomah County planning commissioners sought. Sep 18, 2018 175
Vision for major homes plan on green belt land revealed. Sep 17, 2018 599
Pakistanbecomesa memberof SatelliteClub. Aug 12, 2018 601
Just 22% of rural homes 'affordable'. Aug 6, 2018 118
'Gobbling up' England's Green Belt won't solve housing crisis. Aug 6, 2018 453
Half a million homes to be built on ex-Green Belt land - but just 20% will be 'affordable'; The proportion of "affordable" homes is set to fall, experts warn. Aug 6, 2018 545
A fight worth winning. Jul 26, 2018 107
Good news in space technology. Jul 11, 2018 261
launches two observatory satellites to meet imagery needs. Jul 10, 2018 301
Pakistan launches two satellites from China. Jul 10, 2018 277
Pakistan launches two satellites from China. Jul 10, 2018 389
Pakistan launches two satellites from China. Jul 9, 2018 277
FACTS ABOUT WOMEN AND LAND. Sasman, Laura Jul 1, 2018 489
Rural campaigner speaks out in favour of keeping airport. Jun 21, 2018 198
Rural land used as dumping ground; EYESORE Fed-up farmer appeals to fly-tippers. May 30, 2018 293
CLA seeks more detail as Basic Payments Scheme transition timetable revealed. May 15, 2018 411
Waverley housing number 'arbitrary' and 'not sound' claims CPRE as group launches legal challenge; Waverley Borough Council is facing three legal challenges with a potential cost of [pounds sterling]200,000. Apr 19, 2018 567
'Pitch' wins his battle against opencast mine. Mar 27, 2018 374
It's great to protect it for future generations; protester celebrates as druridge opencast is rejected. Mar 27, 2018 396
Anger at plans to allow 700 homes on green belt; RESIDENTS HOLD MASS PROTEST AT CALDERDALE COUNCIL'S LOCAL PLAN. Mar 19, 2018 240
We must dream big to protect rural life.. Fianna Fail spokesman on countryside being forgotten; COMMENT. Feb 12, 2018 736
More new homes built in areas of natural beauty. Nov 15, 2017 102
Unlikely Alliances: Native Nations and White Communities Join to Defend Rural Lands. Book review Oct 1, 2017 195
Colleagues' tribute to rural campaigner. Jul 26, 2017 595
Environmental campaigner and author dies on holiday. Obituary Jul 26, 2017 227
Urgent action needed to build a post-Brexit food framework; Terry Marsden looks at the problems of building a new food and rural policy for Wales after Brexit. Jul 25, 2017 848
Council planning to use green belt land for housing. Jul 19, 2017 649
Trust benefits from renewable energy joined-up planning; National Trust Wales director Justin Albert talks about his work on expanding the use of cleaner, greener energy in the country. Jun 28, 2017 1065
Will these new poul last hen sheds ever ltry units be the built in Wales? NEW AIR QUALITY RULES WILL MAKE PLANNING CONSENT MORE ELUSIVE . B BUT THESE FARMERS ARE DELIGHTED THEY BEAT THE DEADLINE. Jun 22, 2017 834
ALA brings legal expertise to Senedd rural policy meeting. Jun 13, 2017 275
Time to put nature at the heart of our rural policy; naturewatch Eleri Wynne, RSPB. Jun 13, 2017 368
George pitches in as opencast inquiry starts. May 31, 2017 600
Rural land use measure not working as intended. May 17, 2017 801
Have your say in survey on rural planning issues - NFU; rural economy. Apr 26, 2017 368
La politica agraria del kirchnerismo. Entre el espejismo de la coexistencia y el predominio del agronegocio. Toledo Lopez, Virginia Apr 1, 2017 16137
How do land-use practices affect human--elephant conflict in Nepal? Neupane, Dinesh; Johnson, Ronald L.; Risch, Thomas S. Report Jan 1, 2017 6710
Brownfield sites to get 1.1m homes; housing. Nov 2, 2016 177
Protest against homes plan for green belt land. Oct 12, 2016 346
'Rural policy after Brexit must not ignore Wales'. Oct 4, 2016 344
Tributes paid to rural policy giant Ian Mercer for his service to conservation INWALES. Sep 27, 2016 255
Protect rural funding call in wake of Brexit vote. Sep 9, 2016 412
President of campaign to protect rural england calls for plastic bottle returns scheme. Sep 1, 2016 189
NO GREEN BELTING.. Sex dungeon 'breaks rural planning rules'. Aug 1, 2016 262
Carwyn's pledge to protect rural sector. Jul 5, 2016 631
ACS urges rethink on rural planning rules. May 6, 2016 172
Farm Credit. Apr 1, 2016 115
Call for rural estates to help with housebuilding; FARMING. Jan 14, 2016 451
Globe Telecom signs 5-year partnership with Huawei. Nov 27, 2015 294
Woolsington Hall developer reveals academy plan to create 'hothouse for leaders of tomorrow'; Cameron Hall hopes to link up with Newcastle College to create a hotel academy as part of its controversial plans on green belt land. Jul 22, 2015 582
Springwell residents bid to block new homes planned for countryside; Developer Hellens Group is expected to submit an application to build a "significant" number of homes on the village's green belt. May 27, 2015 394
Northumberland planning changes criticised by preservation groups; The Northumberland and Newcastle Society and the Campaign to Protect Rural England have criticised proposed planning changes in the county. Mar 9, 2015 443
Anger over Hadrian's Wall renewable energy plant which could 'ruin ancient landscape'; Controversial renewable energy plant plan near Hadrian's Wall in Northumberland is facing refusal amid almost 100 objections from local residents. Dec 31, 2014 458
Census shows steady decline in land devoted to farming. May 1, 2014 323
Rural Plan must farm incomes. Apr 22, 2014 351
Gateway public inquiry set to get under way. Apr 4, 2014 385
Anniversary is marked by looking forwards. Nov 28, 2013 530
New green campaign fighting for Yorkshire; COUNTRYSIDE. Oct 15, 2013 252
Defend our countryside. Jul 20, 2013 139
O'Brien new leader at USDA rural development. Jul 1, 2013 421
Agri-marketers go to Washington. Cover story Jul 1, 2013 1999
Council leader: We have to build; Dowd defends plans to use Green Belt land. Jun 14, 2013 485
Safeguard for rural post boxes revealed; Ofcom plan for countryside mail services. May 7, 2013 523
Housing plan for greenfield site turned down. Mar 20, 2013 212
Campaigners slam planning reforms; Developments 'damaging' countryside. Mar 18, 2013 444
cull deer and you kill communities; Gamekeepers fight to protect rural industry. Mar 8, 2013 342
Population decline 'threat to countryside'. Feb 23, 2013 129
Dam breaks over farmland flooding; FARMERS FUME AT DREDGING INACTION. Jan 29, 2013 510
Stores are urged to do more for the countryside. Jan 4, 2013 134
The new regionalism. Policy implications for rural regions/El nuevo regionalismo. Implicaciones de politica publica para las regiones rurales/Le nouveau regionalisme. Implications des politiques pour les regions rurales. Ortiz-Guerrero, Cesar E. Jan 1, 2013 6491
Demolising hopes, evicting peace: as the Knesset pursues a course that uses house demolitions and forced evictions as part of its urban and rural planning policy, it risks the possibilities for a sustainable peace in the region and threatens its own economy. Hutchinson, Kerry Oct 1, 2012 1552
Global land grab threatens millions of African farmers. Wily, Liz Alden Report Sep 22, 2012 4237
Planning laws'could be boost to rural economy'. Aug 30, 2012 339
FRESH APPEAL TO SAVE GREEN BELT; Council say developments needed to ease housing crisis. Aug 28, 2012 475
Councillors 'plan homes for town and protect rural areas' Yousay IN YOUR OPINION... Apr 3, 2012 335
Letter from Cairo: carts arrive daily from the countryside laden with tomatoes, potatoes, red onions, zucchini. Farmers trawl the city, stopping at intervals to cry out their wares: 'Red and sweet!' (ahmar wi hilw) announces the arrival of watermelon, "Crazy tomatoes!' (magnuna ya 'uta) refers to their fluctuating price. Column Apr 1, 2012 564
2 Rural boost. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 116
'Policy threat' to countryside. Feb 23, 2012 150
COUNTRYSIDE UNDER THREAT; Planning changes 'could destroy unprotected beauty spots'. Feb 10, 2012 387
Rural areas put at risk by reforms; Large parts of North East under threat. Feb 6, 2012 421
An investigation of decreasing level of underground water on rural economy of Iran. Behmand, Dadelah; Sekeravani, Asghar Mohit Report Feb 1, 2012 2024
Land grabbing has serious repercussions in Latin America. Gaudin, Andres Jan 20, 2012 1300
Public back farmers as countryside custodians. Jan 9, 2012 431
Rainfed areas and animal agriculture in Asia: the wanting agenda for transforming productivity growth and Rural poverty. Devendra, C. Report Jan 1, 2012 13672
High-voltage transmission lines and rural, western real estate values. Chalmers, James A. Case study Jan 1, 2012 9463
'Planning rules are stifling rural business'. Dec 27, 2011 195
TAN 6 advice 'long overdue' say Welsh landowners. Dec 22, 2011 231
Planning guidance in Wales is 'unclear'. Dec 15, 2011 238
Brownfield proposals attacked. Dec 1, 2011 693
The impact of urban trends on renovation of the city centre/Urbanistiniu tendenciju poveikis miesto centro renovacijai. Bardauskiene, Dalia; Pakalnis, Mindaugas Report Dec 1, 2011 2736
WHY WE HAVE TO DEVELOP GREENFIELD SITES; 'Build now or no jobs for the young in 10 years' time'. Sep 20, 2011 168
Bryson enters the fray; Worries grow over planning law changes. Sep 5, 2011 526
Advertisers want a level playing field; Planing rules are set to be reviewed. Jul 27, 2011 841
Boiling point up to Westminster; 'WATER SCHEMES STUCK IN PLANNING PIPELINE'. Jul 21, 2011 634
Assessment of economic dynamism in the regions of Lithuania/Lietuvos regionu ekonominio dinamiskumo vertinimas. Gedminaite-Raudone, Zivile Author abstract Jun 1, 2011 2654
Integrated tree crops-ruminants systems in South East Asia: advances in productivity enhancement and environmental sustainability. Devendra, C. Report May 1, 2011 9891
TURKEY-OECD -Farm reforms in Turkey should accelerate to improve competitiveness, OECD says. Apr 29, 2011 561
One house remains at popular site. Apr 2, 2011 300
A reflection on the land question, country and city. Mabin, Alan Report Jan 1, 2011 7390
Rural planning rules are relaxed. Jul 20, 2010 180
Valuations of rural leasehold and licensed land in Victoria, Australia. de Garis, Simon A. Report Jun 22, 2010 8862
Green schemes must be protected from cuts. Jun 21, 2010 373
Countryside ready to turn on Labour; Lib Dems want a fair deal for rural Britain. Apr 21, 2010 544
Cold wind blows over rural plans for turbines; A defiant battle to prevent wind farms from being built in the West Midlands has seen the region lag behind other areas in using the green technology. Matt Lloyd looks at the latest protest against turbines being built near a nature reserve. Apr 8, 2010 917
Report on rural youth receives split reaction. Mar 8, 2010 391
Sikkim to become a model banking state in Northeast. Feb 8, 2010 334
Honcoop honored as BIAWC's Builder of the Year. Feb 1, 2010 110
Catholic priest investigated. Brief article Dec 25, 2009 151
Rethinking the migration effects of natural amenities: part I/Repenser les effets des amenites naturelles sur la migration. Chi, Guangqing; Marcouiller, David W. Sep 22, 2009 6804
Hobby farms and protection of farmland in British Columbia/Les exploitations non-conventionnelles et la protection du territoire agricole en Colombie britannique. Stobbe, Tracy; Cotteleer, Geerte; van Kooten, G. Cornelis Sep 22, 2009 7720
Interactions between local people and lakes: an example from Turkey/Gyvenvietes ezeru apylinkese. Naudojimasis ir jiems daroma zala (Turkijos pavyzdys). Alkan, Hasan; Korkmaz, Mehmet; Altunbas, Sevda Report Sep 1, 2009 5656
India yet to start campaigning for UN agro body's post. Jan 5, 2009 176
Enhancing future rural landscapes: how can rural areas successfully accommodate new development so that their identity is retained and not lost forever? Neil Mattinson explains work recently undertaken with the Forest of Dean District Council, to find an approach to planning which recognises the importance of landscape character and local distinctiveness in delivering social and economic regeneration. Mattinson, Neil May 1, 2008 782
Transformation of the rural space in Israel and its implication on rural tourism. Sofer, Michael Report Jan 1, 2008 4116
Gravel firms fined $250k in wetlands case. Brief article May 11, 2007 98
The spatial and temporal dimensions of a rural landscape" the Yucatec Maya k'ax. Brown, Denise Fay Mar 22, 2007 10824
Effets economiques du paysage sur le developpement regional: illustration a partir d'une zone rurale francaise (le pays de la meteorite). Vollet, D.; Guerin, M. Sep 22, 2005 8830
Meanwhile, back at the ranch: by giving oil and gas developers free rein in the west, the Bush administration has sparked a backlash among ranchers, hunters and property owners. Press, Eyal Oct 11, 2004 3591
Thinking beyond the farm gate: ACF is working with farmers, scientists and corporations to explore ways of enabling landholders to more effectively work with catchment authorities to restore Australia's rural landscapes to health. Watts, Corey Apr 1, 2003 656
Small farming community successfully struggles to preserve its way of life against the powerful forces of neo-liberalism. (Thinking Economically). Kennis, Andrew C. Mar 22, 2003 2076
Gross living area adjustment shortcut. (Features). Leitzke, Dale Jan 1, 2003 3144
Trophy property valuation: A ranch case study. (Features). Mundy, Bill Jan 1, 2003 4363
Rural Policy and the New Regional Economics: Implications for Rural America. Quigley, John M. Dec 1, 2002 334
The Search for an Effective Rural Policy: An Endless Quest or an Achievable Goal. Freshwater, David; Scorsone, Eric Sep 19, 2002 327
A parcel consisting of 14 lots was not an "imaginary subdivision" to be valued as a single tract of land in a condemnation proceeding. (Cases in Brief). Brief Article Apr 1, 2002 314
Bishop faces threats for support of peasants. (World). Donovan, Gill Brief Article Mar 29, 2002 236
Danish cities are growing while the nature areas shrink - report. Brief Article Jan 23, 2002 142
Rural Policy Matters: A Newsletter of Rural School & Community Action, 2002. Beeson, Elizabeth, Ed. Jan 1, 2002 278
Landowners, peasants in fight for land. JEFFREY, PAUL Oct 12, 2001 1937
Rangeland to cropland conversions as replacement land for prime farmland lost to urban development. Greene, Richard P.; Stager, John Statistical Data Included Oct 1, 2001 5019
Reparing the country appeal. (green views). Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 198
Women's Income and the Livelihood Strategies of Dispossessed Pastoralists Near the Mkomazi Game Reserve, Tanzania. Brockington, Daniel Sep 1, 2001 12179
Land Cover Assessment of Indigenous Communities in the BOSAWAS Region of Nicaragua [1]. Smith, Jonathan H. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 2992
The Socio-Religious Origins of Brazil's Landless Rural Workers Movement. Lowy, Michael Jun 1, 2001 3313
Land suitability assessment in the Namoi Valley of Australia, using a continuous model. Triantafilis, J.; Ward, W. T.; McBratney, A. B. Mar 1, 2001 5716
Rural Policy Matters: A Newsletter of Rural School & Community Action, 2001. Jan 1, 2001 324
The Valuation of Permanent Plantings. Oct 1, 2000 9657
Accuracy of the Michigan Rural Property Inventory (MRPI) for Historic Land Use/Land Cover Determinations. WESTPHAL, JOANNE N.; ALBAN, GREGORY; RIES, DAVID Aug 1, 2000 3807
Sato yama. Jul 1, 2000 898
WETLANDS attract wildlife. Lepak, Lawrence T. Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 968
Rural Water Use and Conservation in Southwestern Ontario. Dolan, A. H.; Kreutzwiser, R.; Loe, R. de Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2000 9686
Reconciling interests in the rangelands. Sarre, Alastair Oct 1, 1999 1115
Public preferences regarding the goals of farmland preservation programs: comment. Rosenberger, Randall S. Nov 1, 1998 3047
Public preferences regarding the goals of farmland preservation programs: reply. Kline, Jeffrey; Wichelns, Dennis Nov 1, 1998 1873
Sharing the land. Bouchard, Carl E. Oct 1, 1998 1249
Land of no return? Not Brazil: the urban poor are fleeing to the countryside and joining the Landless Movement. Hinchberger, Bill Mar 2, 1998 2088
Colonias: Problems and Promise. Desperate Situations, Local Innovations = Colonias: Problemas y Promesa. Situaciones Dificiles, Innovaciones Locales. Feb 1, 1998 258
Forced migration, land-use change and political economy in the forest region of Guinea. Black, Richard; Sessay, Mohammed Oct 1, 1997 8317
The letter of the law. Vernon, Jean Jun 1, 1997 2475
Agricultural changes and farmland protection in western Washington. Klein, Linda R.; Reganold, John P. Jan 1, 1997 3918
How paradise was lost. Brechin, Gray Nov 1, 1996 376
Mexican peasants declare a new hero. Coleman, Bill; Coleman, Patty May 3, 1996 994
Environmental enhancement in agriculture: the case for a national trust. Lovejoy, Stephen B. May 1, 1996 1458
How preservation pays. Miller, Molly Aug 1, 1995 3844
Threat to high market value agricultural lands from urban encroachment: a national and regional perspective. Greene, Richard P.; Harlin, John M. Apr 1, 1995 5189
Evaluating landcare groups in Australia: how they facilitate partnerships between agencies, community groups, and researchers. Curtis, Allan; DeLacy, Terry Jan 1, 1995 4415
Public and farmer support for purchase of development rights in the metropolitan Northeast. Pfeffer, Max J.; Lapping, Mark B. Jan 1, 1995 3043
The economic value of farm program base. Duffy, Patricia A.; Taylor, C. Robert; Cain, Danny L.; Young, George J. Aug 1, 1994 6998
Efficient multiple-use forestry may require land-use specialization: comment. Helfand, Gloria E.; Whitney, Marilyn D. Aug 1, 1994 2304
Efficient multiple-use forestry may require land-use specialization: reply. Vincent, Jeffrey R.; Binkley, Clark S. Aug 1, 1994 596
Public education for growth management: lessons from Wisconsin's Farmland Preservation Program. Johnson, Sara E.; Jacobs, Harvey M. Jul 1, 1994 3749
Biodiversity conservation and biotechnology development agreements. Frisvold, George B.; Condon, Peter Jul 1, 1994 4341
Using referendum data to characterize public support for purchasing development rights to farmland. Kline, Jeffrey; Wichlens, Dennis May 1, 1994 5991
Land retirement as a tool for reducing agricultural nonpoint source pollution. Ribaudo, Marc O.; Osborn, C. Tim; Konyar, Kazim Feb 1, 1994 6258
Songs of Chiweshe and songs of Zimbabwe. Bessant, Leslie Jan 1, 1994 13233
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