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Effects of Land Use Types on Selected Soil Properties in Central Highlands of Ethiopia. Negasa, Daniel Jaleta Apr 30, 2020 7739
Integrating Green Infrastructure Into Stormwater Policy: Reliability, Watershed Management, and Environmental Psychology as Holistic Tools for Success. William, Reshmina; Endres, A. Bryan; Stillwell, Ashlynn S. Apr 3, 2020 10694
Soil Carbon Dynamics under Pastures in Andean Socio-Ecosystems of Colombia. Ordonez, Maria-Cristina; Olaya, Juan Fernando Casanova; Galicia, Leopoldo; Figueroa, Apolinar Apr 1, 2020 8432
Cover crop and mulch practices reduce agricultural pollutant loads in stormwater runoff from plastic tunnels. Daugovish, Oleg; Faber, Ben; Takele, Eta; Whiteford, Jamie; Wu, Laosheng Mar 1, 2020 4434
Effect of Co-Use of Fly Ash and Granular Polyacrylamide on Infiltration, Runoff, and Sediment Yield from Sandy Soil under Simulated Rainfall. Yang, Kai; Tang, Zejun; Feng, Jianzhang Mar 1, 2020 6349
Postantique Soils as a Source of Land Use Information: A Case Study of an Ancient Greek Agricultural Area on the Northern Black Sea Coast. Lisetskii, Fedor; Stolba, Vladimir; Golyeva, Aleksandra; Marinina, Olga; Poletaev, Arseniy Case study Mar 1, 2020 13569
Future Inflow under Land Use and Climate Changes and Participation Process into the Medium-Sized Reservoirs in Thailand. Thongwan, Teerawat; Kangrang, Anongrit; Techarungreungsakul, Rapeepat; Ngamsert, Ratsuda Mar 1, 2020 5289
Effects of the root morphological characteristics of different herbaceous species on soil shear strength and soil anti-scourability in the dry-hot valley region of South-western China. Zhang, Su; Xiong, Dong-hong; Wu, Han; Yuan, Yong; Liu, Lin; Li, Wan-xin; Su, Zheng-an Report Mar 1, 2020 7231
New Life for Tampa Bay? Seagrass is making a comeback in Florida's largest estuary. Conner, Mike Feb 1, 2020 1391
Iowa Producer Agrees to Pay EPA Penalty. Feb 1, 2020 362
Agriculture Management Impacts on Soil Properties and Hydrological Response in Istria (Croatia). Igor, Bogunovic; Josip, Telak Leon; Paulo, Pereira Feb 1, 2020 5779
Crunch Pak[R]: Crunch to pay $150k to settle "Clean Water Act" lawsuit. Feb 1, 2020 490
Agronomist notebook: How to manage effects of floods on your farm. Dec 6, 2019 766
Effect of Underground Coal Mining on Slope Morphology and Soil Erosion. Ning, Liu; Xiao-Guang, Zhao; Shi-Jie, Song; Wen-Fu, Zhou Nov 30, 2019 7594
Kazakhstan should finish negotiations with China on watershed -- Senate member. Nov 27, 2019 198
Kazakhstan should finish negotiations with China on watershed Senate member. Nov 27, 2019 239
Metal pollution poses new danger to corals in warming oceans: Study. ANI Nov 20, 2019 450
Alternative for dams and Water Supply Expansion-PART-I. Nusrat Bibi Nov 2, 2019 1071
Funding to reduce water toxins needed. Barna, Mark Nov 1, 2019 168
Ponds come to the rescue of arid villages. Oct 25, 2019 407
Effects of Rainfall Intensity and Vegetation Cover on Erosion Characteristics of a Soil Containing Rock Fragments Slope. Zhao, Bingqin; Zhang, Lun; Xia, Zhenyao; Xu, Wennian; Xia, Lu; Liang, Yongzhe; Xia, Dong Sep 30, 2019 9550
Water Supply Risk Analysis Based on Runoff Sequence Simulation with Change Point under Changing Environment. Cheng, Yafang; Feng, Ping; Li, Jianzhu; Guo, Yuangang; Ren, Peizhen Sep 30, 2019 9054
Water everywhere, and it's just wasted. Sep 30, 2019 1051
Education officials call for donations to help student after house destroyed by runoff. Sep 4, 2019 207
Researchers gauge green infrastructure's capacity for high runoff. Sep 1, 2019 774
ATTENTION FLORIDA: Don't Use Your St. Johns as a John: Call it what you want--smells like poo-llution to us. Conner, Mike Sep 1, 2019 1023
Mukdahan hit by mountain runoff, 10,000 rai of farmland under water. Aug 24, 2019 215
Prangin Canal diversion part of flood mitigation project, explains PDC. Aug 1, 2019 981
JAMAICA-HEALTH-Jamaicans warned about use of pesticides. Aug 1, 2019 406
Sediment production and soil water infiltration under different simulated rainfall characteristics/ Producao de sedimentos e infiltracao de agua no solo sob diferentes caracteristicas de chuva simulada. de Almeida, Wilk S.; de Carvalho, Daniel F.; Pereira, Fernandes A.C.; Rouws, Janaina R.C. Aug 1, 2019 5419
Pangilinan bill: Conserve, manage rainwater for other uses. Jul 7, 2019 324
Rain gardens invite birds, butterflies while slowing runoff. Jul 7, 2019 703
Fire destroys Beam warehouse. Jul 4, 2019 820
Intensity-duration-frequency relationships of rainfall through the technique of disaggregation of daily rainfall/ Relacoes intensidade-duracao-frequencia da precipitacao mediante a tecnica da desagregacao da chuva diaria. Dorneles, Viviane R.; de C.F. Dame, Rita; Teixeira-Gandra, Claudia F.A.; Mello, Leticia B.; Ramirez, Jul 1, 2019 3893
Path coefficient analysis, a different approach to identify soil quality indicators/Analise de trilha, uma abordagem diferente para identificar indicadores de qualidade do solo. Ramos, Julio C.; Bertol, Ildegardis; Bandeira, Douglas H.; Barbosa, Fabricio T.; Zangiski, Fernanda Jul 1, 2019 7291
Estimation of snow water equivalent from MODIS Albedo for a non-instrumented watershed in Eastern Himalayan Region. Jun 30, 2019 4611
Assessment of Levels, Speciation, and Toxicity of Trace Metal Contaminants in Selected Shallow Groundwater Sources, Surface Runoff, Wastewater, and Surface Water from Designated Streams in Lake Victoria Basin, Uganda. Bakyayita, G.K.; Norrstrom, A.C.; Kulabako, R.N. Jun 30, 2019 15816
PAD promoting modern farming practices to enhance per acre crop yield: DG. Jun 24, 2019 466
PAD promoting modern farming practices to enhance per acre yield: DG. Jun 19, 2019 462
Diffusion of Innovations and Public Communication Campaigns: An Examination of The 4R Nutrient Stewardship Program. Seeger, Henry; Wilson, Robyn S. Report Jun 1, 2019 9463
Physical Tank Experiment Investigation on Rainfall Producing Groundwater Level in Homogeneous Material Slopes. Zhang, Chao; Shao, Wei; Yue, Fucai; Saffari, Pooya; Nie, Wen May 31, 2019 5888
Saturated buffers reduce nitrogen in agricultural drainage. May 1, 2019 757
Runoff sends our water resources down the river. May 1, 2019 1001
Correlations chart: Tool to analyse the dynamics of water quality parameters/ Grafico de correlacoes: Ferramenta para analise da dinamica de parametros de qualidade da agua. Rocha, Cezar H.B.; Casquin, Antoine P.; Pereira, Renata O. May 1, 2019 5965
Definition of priority areas for soil and water conservation in the Itangua watershed, Capao Bonito, SP state, Brazil/Definicao de areas prioritarias a conservacao de solo e agua na bacia do Itangua, Capao Bonito - SP, Brasil. Leal, Mariana Santos; Dias, Herly Carlos Teixeira; Mingoti, Rafael; Ferreira, Marcos Paulo; Tonello, Apr 1, 2019 5005
Processos hidrologicos em uma sub-bacia do Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar, nucleo Santa Virginia/Hydrological processes in wathershed within the State Park of Serra do Mar, Santa Virginia stewardship. Groppo, Juliano Daniel; Salemi, Luiz Felippe; Moraes, Jorge Marcos; Trevisan, Rodrigo; Martinelli, L Apr 1, 2019 4967
Investigation into the Effects of Climatic Change on Temperature, Rainfall, and Runoff of the Doroudzan Catchment, Iran, Using the Ensemble Approach of CMIP3 Climate Models. Sayadi, Abolghasem; Beydokhti, Nasser Taleb; Najarchi, Mohsen; Najafizadeh, Mohammad Mahdi Report Mar 31, 2019 7762
New law lets towns create, finance local stormwater utilities. Perry, Jessica Mar 18, 2019 412
Eco Drainage System for Surface Runoff Reduction in Indonesia. Kusumastuti, C.; Chandra, H.P.; Wibisono, K.; Hartono, A.C. Mar 1, 2019 4045
Fears flood water runoff could 'smother' Barrier Reef. Feb 15, 2019 304
Zoning - Stormwater runoff - Comprehensive permit. Jan 28, 2019 413
Sediment Losses in Watersheds in the Western-Center Meso-Region Rio-grandense. Krolow, Ivan Renato Cardoso; Rheinheimer, Danilo Dos Santos; Pellegrini, Andre; Alvarez, Jimmy Walte Jan 1, 2019 6454
WINTER STORM CONDITIONS LEADING TO EXCESSIVE RUNOFF ABOVE CALIFORNIA'S OROVILLE DAM DURING JANUARY AND FEBRUARY 2017: Record precipitation accompanied by high freezing levels and a damaged spillway caused California's Lake Oroville to overflow in February 2017, forcing a major evacuation. White, Allen B.; Moore, Benjamin J.; Gottas, Daniel J.; Neiman, Paul J. Report Jan 1, 2019 8552
HYDROCLIMATIC EXTREMES AS CHALLENGES FOR THE WATER MANAGEMENT COMMUNITY: LESSONS FROM OROVILLE DAM AND HURRICANE HARVEY. Vano, Julie A.; Dettinger, Michael D.; Cifelli, Rob; Curtis, David; Dufour, Alexis; Miller, Kathleen Jan 1, 2019 3211
One driveway at a time, many green-minded homeowners and communities are opting. Dec 8, 2018 525
Porous paving options catch on, one driveway at a time. Dec 8, 2018 525
What we Know about the Composition and Structure of Igapo Forests in the Amazon Basin. Myster, Randall W. Report Dec 1, 2018 6349
Lloyd's Backs Up Profitability Push With the Threat of Runoff. O'Connor, Robert Nov 1, 2018 386
Human Activity, Storm Runoff and Flash Floods. Oct 23, 2018 714
Proposed law to allow local stormwater utilities could spell new tax, opponents say. Oct 23, 2018 376
NH sand and gravel operators sued over storm-water runoff. Sanders, Bob Oct 12, 2018 344
Mining sediments threaten marine life in Surigao del Sur. Oct 9, 2018 450
Elgin Ikes offer program on nutrient runoff, water quality. Sep 29, 2018 251
Characterising preferential flow and its interaction with the soil matrix using dye tracing in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area of China. Liu, Muxing; Guo, Li; Yi, Jun; Lin, Henry; Lou, Shulan; Zhang, Hailin; Li, Tian Report Sep 1, 2018 8385
Crystallizing admixture seals stormwater storage structure. Sep 1, 2018 410
Water harvesting to be used in dry areas, deserts to manage water: PCRWR. Jul 16, 2018 370
Builders struggle to keep runoff in check. Jul 13, 2018 762
Hi-Crush contractor cited after sand mine spill. Jun 8, 2018 591
World Cup 2026: Morocco in runoff bid against North America. Jun 2, 2018 519
Engineers: Development not prime culprit in Ellicott City floods. Jun 1, 2018 651
Research Highlights. Downing, Jim Jun 1, 2018 1754
Glacial Ponds and Debris Regulate Meltwater Flow in Himalayas. Jun 1, 2018 376
Wood Dale receives grant to assist with stormwater, creek improvements. May 21, 2018 206
Audio: Comptroller Hegar downplays potential tax benefit of sports gambling in Texas. May 16, 2018 322
As Democratic runoff for governor heats up, Andrew White says he'll divest from border security company. May 2, 2018 734
Food Waste: How Can You Help? Apr 26, 2018 557
Punjab govt takes steps to promote agriculture in Potohar region. Apr 19, 2018 659
Agri dept takes revolutionary steps to promote farming. Apr 19, 2018 716
Video: Meet the Texas Republican runoff candidates seeking to replace U.S. Rep. Joe Barton. Apr 18, 2018 378
Monte Carlo simulation for design flood estimation: a review of Australian practice. Loveridge, Melanie; Rahman, Ataur Report Apr 1, 2018 16085
Design for culvert blockage: the ARR 2016 guidelines. French, Robert; Jones, Malcolm Report Apr 1, 2018 2949
Discussion on 'Recommended practice for hydrologic investigations and reporting' by RJ Nathan and TA McMahon. French, Robert; Jones, Malcolm Discussion Apr 1, 2018 2157
Reply to discussion by R French and M Jones on 'recommended practice for hydrologic investigations and reporting'. Nathan, R.J.; McMahon, T.A. Apr 1, 2018 910
Democrats head to runoff in primary for Texas governor. Mar 7, 2018 137
Engineering the Design of Buffers and Vegetative Filter Strips. Fox, Garey; Munoz-Carpena, Rafael Mar 1, 2018 798
Effects of salinity gradients on larval growth and otolith asymmetry of austral hake Merluccius australis. Landaeta, Mauricio F.; Castillo-Hidalgo, Gissella; Bustos, Claudia A. Mar 1, 2018 3517
STEAMING TO THE LAKE. Crane, Misti; Girder, Pam Frost Mar 1, 2018 975
CLC receives award for managing stormwater runoff. Feb 13, 2018 368
CLC receives award for managing stormwater runoff. Feb 9, 2018 368
Officials' absence, effluent disposal into Dadu canals irk water commission. Jan 30, 2018 567
Permeable pavement performs for transportation-wise lawmaker. Jan 1, 2018 422
Assessment of Surface Runoff for Tank Watershed in Tamil Nadu Using Hydrologic Modeling. Abraham, Marykutty; Mathew, Riya Ann Jan 1, 2018 5221
Laboratory Tests on Effectiveness of Environment-Friendly Organic Polymer on Physical Properties of Sand. Liu, Jin; Song, Zezhuo; Bai, Yuxia; Chen, Zhihao; Wei, Jihong; Wang, Ying; Qian, Wei Jan 1, 2018 5924
Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Influence on Overland Flow and Water Infiltration by Fracture Networks in Soil. Zhu, Lei; Fan, Dongjun; Ma, Rong; Zhang, Yonggen; Zha, Yuanyuan Jan 1, 2018 8965
Effectiveness of Hydraulic and Hydrologic Parameters in Assessing Storm System Flooding. Nile, Basim K. Jan 1, 2018 8985
GIS-Enabled Culvert Design: A Case Study in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Greer, Ashton D.; Wilbanks, Zachary B.; Clifton, Leah D.; Wilson, Bradford; Graettinger, Andrew J. Case study Jan 1, 2018 6199
Identification of Hydrochemical Function and Behavior of the Houzhai Karst Basin, Guizhou Province, Southwestern China. Li, Xian; Wang, Yanqiao Jan 1, 2018 3939
Integrative Analysis of Surface Runoff and Macropore Flow for Slopes under Rainfall Conditions. Que, Yun; Lin, Peiyuan; Lin, Denghui Jan 1, 2018 6983
The Coca-Cola Foundation. Jan 1, 2018 287
Erosive rainfall in the Rio do Peixe Valley: Part III--Risk of extreme events/Chuvas erosivas do Vale do Rio do Peixe: Parte III--Risco de eventos extremos. Back, Alvaro J.; Pola, Augusto C.; Ladwig, Nilzo I.; Schwalm, Hugo Jan 1, 2018 3699
The Impact of the Construction of Sponge Cities on the Surface Runoff in Watersheds, China. Dong, Guoqiang; Weng, Baisha; Qin, Tianling; Yan, Denghua; Wang, Hao; Gong, Boya; Bi, Wuxia; Xing, Z Jan 1, 2018 5517
Landslide Susceptibility in Relation to Correlation of Groundwater Development and Ground Condition. Taib, S.N.L.; Selaman, O.S.; Chen, C.L.; Lim, R.; Ismail, D.S. Awang Jan 1, 2018 3309
Onsite Reuse of Reclaimed Wastewater in Winter to Determine Potential for Pollutant Runoff. Griffin, Joshua; Mancl, Karen M. Report Dec 1, 2017 5205
Saving Water, Reducing Runoff, and Cutting Costs. O'Brien, Dennis Dec 1, 2017 1597
Water Management at Alaska's Operating Mines: Process water, groundwater, and runoff all managed with care. Anderson, Tasha Nov 1, 2017 1789
Catch the Tide. Sargent, Bill Nov 1, 2017 627
Investigating the effect of vetiver and polyacrylamide on runoff, sediment load and cumulative water infiltration. Amiri, Elham; Emami, Hojat; Mosaddeghi, Mohammad R.; Astaraei, Ali R. Report Nov 1, 2017 6541
Modelling stormwater runoff, quality, and pollutant loads in a large urban catchment. Maharjan, Bharat; Pachel, Karin; Loigu, Enn Report Sep 1, 2017 11768
DVS and PerkFilter[TM] Systems Receive Virginia DOT Approval as Stormwater Manufactured Treatment Devices. Jul 28, 2017 560
ULI explores stormwater management with green infrastructure: report examines improved resilience in buildings by facilitating water runoff. Jul 1, 2017 301
5 Reining in runoff. Brief article May 1, 2017 140
Florida DEP awards $1.8 million for water quality restoration grants. May 1, 2017 176
How bioswales provide aesthetic stormwater management: reduce the burden of heavy rains with this easy-to-add landscaping solution. Morton, Jennie May 1, 2017 1305
Four elected to the YLD board, 15th Circuit runoff set. Apr 15, 2017 142
Research highlights. Apr 1, 2017 1852
A federal court dismisses the nutrients runoff lawsuit. Apr 1, 2017 104
Modelling the hydraulic processes on constructed stormwater wetland. Mangangka, I.R. Report Mar 1, 2017 4661
Potential of sites in northern Cuba for developing an industry of the native mangrove oyster (Crassostrea rhizophorae). Mazon-Suastegui, Jose M.; Rivero-Suarez, Sarah E.; Betanzos-Vega, Abel; Saucedo, Pedro E.; Rodriguez Mar 1, 2017 2920
Heavy metal contamination in surface runoff sediments of the urban area of Vilnius, Lithuania/Raskmetallid Vilniuse linnakeskkonna pindmise aravoolu setendites. Ignatavicius, Gytautas; Valskys, Vaidotas; Bulskaya, Ina; Paliulis, Dainius; Zigmontiene, Ausra; Sat Report Mar 1, 2017 4463
A Coupled 1D-2D Hydrodynamic Model for Urban Flood Inundation. Fan, Yuyan; Ao, Tianqi; Yu, Haijun; Huang, Guoru; Li, Xiaodong Report Jan 1, 2017 5742
Study on Water Storage Change and Its Consideration in Water Balance in the Mountain Regions over Arid Northwest China. Xu, Min Report Jan 1, 2017 7796
Identification of the Impacts of Climate Changes and Human Activities on Runoff in the Jinsha River Basin, China. Liu, Xiaowan; Peng, Dingzhi; Xu, Zongxue Report Jan 1, 2017 4298
ANN Model-Based Simulation of the Runoff Variation in Response to Climate Change on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, China. Juan, Chang; Genxu, Wang; Tianxu, Mao; Xiangyang, Sun Report Jan 1, 2017 9678
Spatial Interpolation of Annual Runoff in Ungauged Basins Based on the Improved Information Diffusion Model Using a Genetic Algorithm. Hong, Mei; Zhang, Ren; Wang, Dong; Qian, Longxia; Hu, Zhenghua Report Jan 1, 2017 11338
Runoff and Sediment Response to Cascade Hydropower Exploitation in the Middle and Lower Han River, China. Zhang, Junhong; Sun, Mingkun; Deng, Zhimin; Lu, Jing; Wang, Dangwei; Chen, Lu; Liu, Xinyuan Report Jan 1, 2017 7807
Research on the urban planning strategy from the perspective of Sponge City. Chen, Yujuan Dec 1, 2016 3605
UNESCO assists Pakistan for high value crops productions. Nov 19, 2016 659
Effects of vegetation cover on sediment particle size distribution and transport processes in natural rainfall conditions on post-fire hillslope plots in South Korea. Ewane, Ewane Basil; Lee, Heon-Ho Report Nov 1, 2016 9793
Waste Water Science Crowdfunding Campaign to Seek Funding to Slash the World's Carbon Footprint. Sep 2, 2016 491
Treatment of bio-oil refinery storm water by a simulated constructed wetland: a sustainable management alternative. Kraszewska, Katherine; Borazjani, Hamid; Baldwin, Brian; Seale, R. Daniel; Jeremic, Dragica Report Sep 1, 2016 3797
Soil phosphorus status and environmental risk of phosphorus run-off from pastures in south-eastern New South Wales. Hart, M.R.; Cornish, P.S. Report Sep 1, 2016 4852
The Brigalow Catchment Study: IV. Clearing brigalow (Acacia harpophylla) for cropping or grazing increases peak runoff rate. Thornton, C.M.; Yu, B. Report Sep 1, 2016 9083
Towards effective monitoring of urban stormwater for better design and management/Linnade sademevee tohusama seire, parema planeerimise ja juhtimise suunas. Maharjan, Bharat; Pachel, Karin; Loigu, Enn Report Sep 1, 2016 17406
The Influence of Eco-water retrieved by quantitative remote sensing on Runoff in upper Minjiang river basin. Huang, Jin; Yang, Wunian; Yang, Xin; Deng, Bing Report Sep 1, 2016 3238
Contribution of the cotton irrigation network to farm nitrous oxide emissions. Macdonald, B.C.T.; Nadelko, A.; Chang, Y.; Glover, M.; Warneke, S. Report Aug 1, 2016 7899
Hydrological and hydrogeological aspects of Fervida Watershed, Karst aquifer, Colombo, Parana/Aspectos hidrologicos e hidrogeologicos da bacia do rio Fervida, Aquifero carste, Colombo, Parana. Mantovani, Luiz Eduardo; Fritzsons, Elenice; Wrege, Marcos Silveira Aug 1, 2016 4830
Mitigating Floods with an Electronic Brain. Jul 21, 2016 555
Impacts of climate change on hydropower production in Blue Nile sub-basin. El-Haliem, Enas Ahmed Abd; Soliman, Eman S.A.; Atta, Nahla Aboul Report Jul 1, 2016 5316
Overland water flow contributes little to survival, growth, reproduction, and ecophysiology of Olneya tesota (desert ironwood) trees. Hendricks, Dawn; Schenk, H. Jochen; Jones, C. Eugene Report Jun 1, 2016 4003
State Rep. Wayne Smith Now Wants Recount in House District 128 Runoff. May 26, 2016 354
Audio: Four Runoff Races to Watch (Podcast). May 18, 2016 116
Application of neural network and grey relational analysis in ranking the factors affecting runoff and sediment yield under simulated rainfall. Wang, Juan; Huang, Jun; Wu, Pute; Zhao, Xining Report May 1, 2016 9300
4 Solutions for stormwater: do you have a strategy to minimize flood damage and stormwater fees? May 1, 2016 986
Remotely monitoring water quality near highways: a sustainable solution (fact sheet). Shuler, Lisa A. May 1, 2016 560
Geospatial analysis for the determination of hydro-morphological characteristics and assessment of flash flood potentiality in arid coastal plains: a case in Southwestern Sinai, Egypt/Analisis geoespacial para determinar las caracteristicas hidromorfologicas y evaluar las inundaciones potenciales en llanuras costeras aridas: caso de estudio en el Suroccidente de Sinai, Egipto. Wahid, Ahmed; Madden, Marguerite; Khalaf, Fikry; Fathy, Ibtehal Case study Mar 1, 2016 6600
Use of barley straw residues to avoid high erosion and runoff rates on persimmon plantations in Eastern Spain under low frequency--high magnitude simulated rainfall events. Cerda, Artemi; Gonzalez-Pelayo, Oscar; Gimenez-Morera, Antonio; Jordan, Antonio; Pereira, Paulo; Nov Report Mar 1, 2016 9236
Easy does it: Maryland dairy farmers work to improve estuaries, ease environmental impact. Lister, Genevieve Cover story Mar 1, 2016 766
Strip tillage and cover crops enhance soil quality in the southeast in the face of climate change. Mar 1, 2016 359
Ninkasi faces fine for runoff violation. Feb 23, 2016 260
EPA pegs five-year wastewater infrastructure investment tab. Feb 1, 2016 415
Runoff. Roberson, Ed (American poet) Poem Jan 1, 2016 174
Quantification of Climate Changes and Human Activities That Impact Runoff in the Taihu Lake Basin, China. Peng, Dingzhi; Qiu, Linghua; Fang, Jing; Zhang, Zhongyuan Report Jan 1, 2016 3888
Climate Change Impact on Flow Discharge of Kunhar River Catchment using Snowmelt Runoff Model. Report Dec 31, 2015 2725
Obama Endorses Turner in Houston Mayoral Runoff. Dec 11, 2015 192
Vale accused of toxic runoff: mining slag pile runoff being investigated. Migneault, Jonathan Dec 1, 2015 659
Garcia Endorses Turner in Houston Mayoral Runoff. Nov 6, 2015 306
Concrete turns green, figuratively speaking. Hein, David K.; Tyson, Samuel S.; Smith, David R. Nov 1, 2015 4195
Was indie ever relevant? Vampire weekend's Ezra Koenig and the writer 'behind Hipster Runoff email each other about the state of music's long-doomed quest for authenticity. Interview Oct 1, 2015 992
Runoff and sediment yield of tilled and spontaneous grass-covered olive groves grown on sloping land. Palese, A.M.; Ringersma, J.; Baartman, J.E.M.; Peters, P.; Xiloyannis, C. Report Aug 1, 2015 8057
A review of road-related soil erosion: an assessment of causes, evaluation techniques and available control measures. Seutloali, Khoboso Elizabeth; Beckedahl, Heinrich Reinhard Report Jun 1, 2015 6844
Gis based SCS-CN method for estimating runoff in Kundahpalam Watershed, Nilgries District, Tamilnadu. Viji, R.; Prasanna, P. Rajesh; Ilangovan, R. Report Jun 1, 2015 2668
Permeable pavement battles stormwater runoff: direct rainwater into the ground rather than sewer drains. Morton, Jennie May 1, 2015 775
Foster-Morales returned to the Bar board, Seventh Circuit runoff set: YLD races also decided and runoffs scheduled. Apr 15, 2015 381
"Efficiency space": a framework for evaluating joint evaporation and runoff behavior. Koster, Randal Report Mar 1, 2015 1924
Runoff and sedimentations changes in various seasons in Karoun Basin, Roud- Zard Watershed, Iran. Ansari, Pedram; Jamali, Ali Akbar Report Feb 1, 2015 3822
Meltwater Drainage Explains Missing Runoff On Greenland's Ice Sheet. Jan 17, 2015 445
Assessing the soil nitrate-nitrogen and extractable soil phosphorus status of the Spring Lake Watershed. Nicioli, Stephanie M.; Ribordy, Karen E.; Boeckler, Jeff H.; McConnell, J. Scott Report Jan 1, 2015 4012
A review of nitrogen losses due to leaching and surface runoff under intensive pasture management in Australia. Burkitt, Lucy L. Report Oct 1, 2014 14794
50 judicial races decided; 13 headed to November runoffs. Killian, Mark D. Sep 15, 2014 1461
Delta backwaters can capture field runoff pollutants. Perry, Ann Sep 1, 2014 1001
Lake Eerie; Treatment and runoff are the issues. Editorial Aug 5, 2014 190
Controlling flood and runoff on steep slopes using crescent catchment systems: a case study on Alborz Southern Hillside, Darabad Region, Iran. Sahebkashaf, Raheleh; Ahmadi, Hasan; Jafary, Mohamad; Peighambari, Seyed Ali Report Jul 1, 2014 3210
Rainfall and runoff process simulation model using HEC-HMS (case study catchment basin hospice). Farokhsha, Reza Saadati; Farokhsha, Ehsan Saadati Report Jun 20, 2014 3049
Climate variability and its impacts on runoff in the Kosasthaliyar sub-basin, India. Usha, Balambal; Mudgal, B.V. Report Jun 1, 2014 2853
New in Texas Weekly: Runoff Recaps and More. May 30, 2014 103
Video: Video: A War of Words in the Runoff for Lt. Gov. May 27, 2014 115
In HD-53's GOP Runoff, Debate Shifts Sharply. May 16, 2014 726
New in Texas Weekly: Dark Money, Runoff Races Get Hotter. May 2, 2014 103
Reduce stormwater runoff with desktop app. Mar 1, 2014 128
Characterization of storm runoff quality from a highway in Selangor and conceptual design of constructed wetland. Mamun, Abdullah Al; Latiff, Nurzuliana Abdul; Salleh, Mohammad Nor Report Mar 1, 2014 2369
Board: Project not following plan; Stormwater runoff is at issue. Kotsopoulos, Nick Jan 25, 2014 590
Runoff potentiality of a watershed through SCS and functional data analysis technique. Adham, M.I.; Shirazi, S.M.; Othman, F.; Rahman, S.; Yusop, Z.; Ismail, Z. Report Jan 1, 2014 6387
Variation of runoff and precipitation in the Hekou-Longmen region of the yellow river based on elasticity analysis. Li, Erhui; Mu, Xingmin; Zhao, Guangju; Gao, Peng; Shao, Hongbo Report Jan 1, 2014 6448
Future changes in surface runoff over Korea projected by a regional climate model under A1B scenario. Lee, Ji-Woo; Ham, Suryun; Hong, Song-You; Yoshimura, Kei; Joh, Minsu Report Jan 1, 2014 4447
Sediment, nutrient, and bacterial runoff from biosolids and mineral fertilizer applied to a mixed cool- and native warm-season grassland in the Ozark Mountains. Wallace, Cody B.; Burton, Michael G.; Hefner, Steven G.; DeWitt, Thomas A. Report Jan 1, 2014 5194
Leaching of chromium, copper, and arsenic from CCA-treated utility poles. Coles, Cynthia A.; Arisi, Joseph A.; Organ, Marion; Veinott, Geoff I. Report Jan 1, 2014 7423
Detecting runoff variation of the mainstream in Weihe River. Huang, Qiang; Fan, Jingjing Report Jan 1, 2014 4569
A physically based runoff model analysis of the Queretaro river basin. Alvarado, Carlos Javier Villa; Delgadillo-Ruiz, Eladio; Mastachi-Loza, Carlos Alberto; Gonzalez-Sosa Report Jan 1, 2014 6852
Water runoff: one-time USA springs investment source indicted on federal fraud charges. Dec 27, 2013 420
Enough is enough! Stormwater discharged from man-made pipes, ditches, and channels along logging roads is not nonpoint source "natural runoff". Kampmeier, Paul Sep 22, 2013 4649
Mali former prime minister Keita will face ex-finance minister Cisse, in a presidential runoff on Sunday. Aug 7, 2013 110
Tennessee farmer blames landfill runoff for the death of 26 cattle. Aug 2, 2013 175
Addressing death by a thousand cuts: legal and policy innovations to address nonpoint source runoff. Fowler, Lara B.; Royer, Matthew B.; Colburn., Jamison E. Report Jul 1, 2013 3435
Use of bio-infiltration swales to control stormwater run-off and increase ground water recharge/quality in Pocatello. Savage, Bruce; Chanda, Krystal; Mahar, Jim Brief article Jun 1, 2013 217
Add green infrastructure to your property: address stormwater runoff and soil erosion with landscaping solutions. Morton, Jennie Interview May 1, 2013 1124
Responses of runoff, sedimentation, and induced nutrient loss to vegetation change in the Tengger Desert, northern China. Li, Xiaojun; Zheng, Jinggang; Li, Xinrong; Tan, Huijuan; Pan, Yanxia; Wei, Yongping Report Mar 1, 2013 6492
Runoff and sediment yield under simulated rainfall on hillslopes in the Loess Plateau of China. Zhao, Xining; Wu, Pute; Chen, Xiaoli; Helmers, Matthew J.; Zhou, Xiaobo Report Feb 1, 2013 6538
Drainage ditch research reveals opportunities for cleaning up runoff. Pery, Ann Jan 1, 2013 1611
Characterization of urban runoff pollution between dissolved and particulate phases. Wei, Zhang; Simin, Li; Fengbing, Tang Report Jan 1, 2013 3616
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Audio: TribCast: Runoff Politics and Paying for Public Ed. Jul 25, 2012 125
Supreme Court Justice Faces Tough Runoff. Jul 13, 2012 951
New guide explains rain gardens. Jul 6, 2012 345
Audio: TribCast: Health Care, Water, and a Runoff. Jul 4, 2012 130
Audio: TribCast: Health Care, Water and a Runoff. Jul 4, 2012 130
Final day arrives without resolution. Jul 1, 2012 532
Build a backyard rain garden: cure surface water issues with this low-maintenance installation. Escarcega, Patricia Jul 1, 2012 1234
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Jun. 12 - Public Works Committee. Jun 29, 2012 1414
Allyson Felix, Jeneba Tarmoh Face Runoff Or Coin Flip After Olympic Trials Dead Heat. Jun 25, 2012 567
Video: Texas Weekly Newsreel: Senate Runoff Debates. Jun 23, 2012 128
Democrats in U.S. Senate Runoff Will Debate. Jun 18, 2012 275
The Brief: June 1, 2012. Jun 1, 2012 824
School eyes rain garden to absorb runoff. Jun 1, 2012 531
Triangle Grading and Paving Completes Storm Runoff Project in Raleigh's Yorkgate Community. May 12, 2012 443
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Who'll stop the rain? Cutting edge garden at Youth Center sucks pollutants from runoff. Aug 25, 2011 801
Cuba's cave network offers spectacular karstic vistas. Portela, Armando H. Aug 1, 2011 912
Mississippi Runoff Expands Gulf Dead Zone. Jul 19, 2011 259
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E. coli organisms: alive and well, probably in a streambed near you. Jun 22, 2011 422
Stopping stormwater pollution at the source: finally, CLF gets MassHighway to clean up its act. Jun 22, 2011 622
Washington DE releases study on toxics in runoff to Puget Sound. Jun 20, 2011 197
Humala proclaims win over Fujimori in Peruvian presidential runoff. Jun 6, 2011 170
CORRECTED: Humala proclaims win over Fujimori in Peruvian presidential runoff. Jun 6, 2011 170
Connections between river runoff and limnological conditions in adjacent High Arctic Lakes: cape bounty, Melville Island, Nunavut. Stewart, Kailey Amanda; Lamoureux, Scott Fraser Jun 1, 2011 10475
Tacoma, Wash. plan to filter stormwater runoff will also beautify street. May 23, 2011 289
From rain to garden: rain gardens filter polluted runoff--and bring added beauty. Santisi, Jennifer May 1, 2011 748
Studying streambanks reveals their weaknesses and strengths. May 1, 2011 999
Evaluation of HEC-HMS methods in surface runoff simulation (case study: Kan Watershed, Iran). Saleh, Arekhi; Ghobad, Rostamizad; Noredin, Rostami Report May 1, 2011 2928
Recycling the rain; Homeowners can do their part to battle pollution by installing rain gardens. Apr 22, 2011 1133
Company agrees to help fund 'rain garden' in settlement. Apr 17, 2011 744
'Smart' sprayer technology provides environmental and economic benefits in California orchards. Giles, Durham K.; Klassen, Parry; Niederholzer, Franz J. A.; Downey, Daniel Report Apr 1, 2011 4025
Brawn, backhoe or neither? Board considers hiring teens to dredge beach. Mar 24, 2011 594
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Tackling hazards from stormwater runoff. Mar 3, 2011 633
"Super socks" help stem pollution runoff. Mar 1, 2011 308
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Graywater recycling turns runoff into green solution: cut costs and conserve water by fueling flushes with sink and shower surplus. Penny, Janelle Jan 1, 2011 676
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USDA report ties Chesapeake Bay pollution more closely to agriculture. Nov 8, 2010 415
Tracking phosphorus runoff from livestock manure. Nov 1, 2010 398
New market fined over wetland issue. Oct 1, 2010 337
Manure threatens area water; Workshop on ways to control runoff. Sep 23, 2010 489
Preface to special issue: proceedings from the 1st Asia-Pacific Biochar Conference, 2009, Gold Coast, Australia. Krull, Evelyn; Singh, Balwant; Joseph, Stephen Conference news Sep 1, 2010 3515
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Forms of losses of copper and phosphorus in water of runoff and percolation in soil with successive pig slurry application/Formas de perdas de cobre e fosforo em agua de escoamento superficial e percolacao em solo sob aplicacoes sucessivas de dejeto liquido de suinos. Girotto, Eduardo; Ceretta, Carlos Alberto; dos Santos, Danilo Rheinheimer; Brunetto, Gustavo; de And Sep 1, 2010 5169
The continuing expansion of stormwater regulation. Bisbee, Dana Aug 27, 2010 424
Controlling urban growth, increasing forested land may prevent floods. Aug 20, 2010 303
Arsenic in Field Runoff Linked to Poultry Litter. Aug 17, 2010 400
Study outlines ideas to put pond in swim; Runoff linked to algae, murky water. Aug 2, 2010 693
Court: Washington State DOT potentially liable as 'arranger' of hazardous disposal. Jul 20, 2010 255
Mitigation techniques reduce sediment in runoff from furrow-irrigated cropland. Long, Rachael F.; Hanson, Blaine R.; Fulton, Allan E.; Weston, Donald P. Report Jul 1, 2010 4061
Dry-season soil water repellency affects Tahoe Basin infiltration rates. Rice, Erin C.; Grismer, Mark E. Report Jul 1, 2010 5689
Erosion control increasingly important for utility construction. Griffin, Jeff Jul 1, 2010 1663
Tempest around storm water. Jun 9, 2010 791
Colombia s Santos takes solid lead into June runoff. Jun 2, 2010 304
EPA orders 79 municipalities to improve stormwater management. Jun 1, 2010 130
International Year of Planet Earth 9. Geology in the urban environment in Canada. Karrow, P.F.; Clague, John J. Report Jun 1, 2010 11360
Colombia s Santos takes solid lead into June runoff. May 31, 2010 304
Testing continues on flood runoff. May 21, 2010 225
Reducing stormwater runoff impact. Eder, Aaron P.E. May 1, 2010 1972

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