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Running Karachi...

Byline: K Ali - Karachi

As reported a meeting was held on Saturday night at Governor House under the watchful gaze of the security establishment where representatives of the PPP PTI and MQM apparently all agreed to form a committee for the metropoliss betterment. But on Sunday Sindhs information minister issued a cautious statement saying that running Karachi is the responsibility of the provincial government. And on Monday in an apparent reference to efforts by the federal government to play a greater role in Karachis affairs Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah was far more blunt: under no condition would Sindh share powers with anyone. While the federal government should by all means offer support to Sindh in order to run Karachi there should be no effort by the centre to take over the city and micromanage it.

The federal government and other institutions have apparently spoken up because the Sindh administration has miserably neglected Karachi over its decade-plus rule over the province. By taking over nearly all civic functions the Sindh government tends to act like a glorified municipality while leaving the MQM-dominated KMC with few powers. However it is also true that KMC makes very little effort to exercise whatever powers are available with it The fact is that no committee pressure group or NGO can run Karachi. This is a task only an elected empowered local government can do with the provincial and federal governments offering substantial support.

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Author:K Ali - Karachi
Publication:Pakistan Today (Lahore, Pakistan)
Geographic Code:9PAKI
Date:Aug 18, 2020
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