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Runner Breaker Increases Scrap Remelt Efficiency.

Runners from metal castings can be large and unwieldy to handle when placed on material handling conveyors or when inserted into cupolas or furnaces for remelting. A new Runner Breaker machine from Nissho Iwai American Corp., Southfield, Michigan, features a hydraulically powered, vibration-free crushing system to reduce gray and ductile iron and aluminum runners and scrap volumes by 60-80%.

The three-dimensional design of the machine's crushing mechanism enables an operator to take large runners and quickly break them down into targeted, uniform sizes.

The cones of the equipment's crushing mechanism can withstand temperatures up to 700F (371C). In addition, the operator can control the crushing action, allowing the runners to be crushed into predetermined sizes in several stages.

The breaking stroke and cycle time are controlled by a microcomputer, and production capacity is easily adjusted. The three runner processing steps are:

* feeding--small runner pieces fall through a screen and long, large pieces remain in the crushing space;

* crushing--the large pieces (those that are not smaller than the occlusion of the blade) are broken;

* discharging--sizes of the crushed pieces are adjusted by setting the occlusion of the blade.

The new equipment is available in a range of six product sizes (with from 24118-in, square openings) that can handle from 3300-48,000 lb of ductile iron/hr or from 6600-66,000 lb of gray iron/hr.

The equipment can save time by preventing bridging in the charging system, damages to the conveyor system and damage to furnace refractories as well as reduce bucket preparation and charging, melting and deslugging time.
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Comment:Runner Breaker Increases Scrap Remelt Efficiency.
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Date:Jun 1, 2000
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