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Runaway Boat. (The goodness of America).

On July 15th, 2000, after the adults aboard a 17-foot motorboat fell overboard on Lake Maurepas in Reserve, Louisiana, one-year-old Jeremy Posey was left alone in the runaway craft as it ran out of control in tight circles for more than 30 minutes. At one point a man in another motorboat attempted to stop it, but his own boat overturned when the two collided.

Rescue personnel, including state wildlife agents Guy Adams and Cullen Sellers Sr., arrived on the scene as darkness was falling. Adams and Sellers circled the runaway craft in their own 21-foot motorboat for a few moments, then Agent Sellers carefully nosed their vessel between the motor and stern of the driverless boat. Agent Adams made a daring leap into the stern, pulled the throttle to stall the engine, and slowed the boat to a halt. Young Jeremy was not injured.

On October 11th of this year, Adams and Sellers were named recipients of the Carnegie Medal, awarded by the Carnegie Hero Fund Commission to persons who take extraordinary risk while saving, or attempting to save, the lives of others.
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Title Annotation:Carnegie medal
Author:Lee, Robert W.
Publication:The New American
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Date:Dec 3, 2001
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