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Rumors from the lesbian nation. (Lesbofile).

AS THE B-52'S ONCE SANG, "It's the summer of love, love, love, and I'm in love with the love, love, love." How about you? Rosie's in love and now we know with whom, but to whom is she saying, "How do you do?" Jodie's out of the Panic Room and who's the hero that has her heart all aflutter? It's none other than our jammin' Janet Reno '02! Throw in a little boom-boom, kiss-kiss and hair-pullin' to make it interesting and you've got yerself some finger-lickin' good gossip, girlfriend?


Nor long after her coming-out interview with journalist Diane Sawyer, Rosie went against her publicist's wishes and appeared on the No. 1-rated show in cable news, Fox's The O'Reilly Factor. Rosie told host Bill O'Reilly that since they both hail from the same 'hood, she felt she could really talk straight with him. And straight talk it was: Rosie flew right into the "no-spin zone"--an O'Reilly Factor creation--and admitted she had the runs for a week because she was so nervous about being on his show!

With that right out of the gate, Rosie saddled up her high horse to go where few have tread: She dared to slam her fellow celebs. Now, it's one thing for us to talk trash about the stars, honey, but quite another for a celeb to dish it from the inside out. Without naming names, Rosie said that the morning after September 11, she rang up six of her celebrity friends to ask them to donate i million each to the relief fund. She said she was shocked when they all said, "Thanks, but no thanks." Rosie also told O'Reilly that she didn't appear in the America: A Tribute to Heroes star-studded cash-a-thon precisely because she was so upset that wealthy celebrities were asking for donations without reaching into their own deep pockets.

"The fact that every single person who appeared on it had the ability to give that kind of money, yet did not, and was not expected to by America, stunned me. I'm saying, you in America, you should expect your millionaires to give millions," said O'Donnell, noting she's donated i million to the Red Cross. "Especially if they're going to stand on TV and ask peasants for pennies."


Was that jammin' Janet Reno I saw strutting down the red carpet at the Academy Awards? I spied Julia Roberts trying to steal kisses from the hotties, Reese Witherspoon in her Valentino gown and Kate Winslet wearing a stunning Ben de Lisi number. And then, just like Mama said, "She'll be comm' around the mountain when she comes": Reno rolled out between Chloe Sevigny wearing a vintage Holly Harp wedding dress and Helen Hunt dripping in diamonds and Gucci. When Ananda Lewis called out to Janet to ask what she was wearing, the former attorney general hollered back, "I don't know! You'll have to check my tag and tell me!" She stuck out like a sore thumb in the Hollywood glitter of fashion and fame, but all was made a' right in just a few nights. Jammin' Janet appeared as a guest on Jay Leno's Tonight Show alongside Jodie Foster.

Jodie chatted with Jay about her boys, Charles and Kit, and about her latest movie, The Panic Room, with all the ease of an Academy Award-winner. But when Janet stepped onto the Tonight Show stage, Jodie seemed to get a little star-struck. Jammin' Janet, topping at near a cool six feet, towered above the petite Jodie, who gazed up into the eyes of the would-be governor of the state of Florida as if she were a rock star.

After a quick press of the flesh with Foster, JJR chatted it up with Leno, telling tales of the good ol' days, like the time Reno's mother built a house with her own two hands. That's the house jammin' Janet grew up in and where she now lives--since she hasn't yet moved into the governor's mansion, that is.

The way Jodie was lookin' at Janet, I wouldn't be surprised if their paths should meet again. Maybe at a celebrity fund-raising dinner to put dem Democrats in office?! Until then, Janet will continue her own brand of politicking--rubbin' elbows with the stars and hangin' our with the homos (she was the keynote speaker at Atlanta's Human Rights Campaign dinner in May).


Mama always told me not to judge a book by its cover, but since I never saw Mama reading any books, I tended not to listen to her. Sorry, Mama! I think Michelle Rodriguez's mama is praying that a certain judge won't be reading her baby girl's film titles for any indication of innocence until proven guilty.

Michelle Rodriguez of Girlfight, Resident Evil and The Fast and the Furious has been charged with assault and harassment and has entered a not-guilty plea. An unidentified 22-year-old woman told police that she was lying in bed talking on the phone when Rodriguez, who played the role of rising boxing star Diana Guzman in 2000's critically acclaimed Girlfight, yanked the phone out of the wall, hit her and pulled her hair. The unidentified woman said Rodriguez blocked the door and she had to bite the actress's arm in order to escape the apartment.

Rodriguez stars alongside Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil, a film in the tradition of Angelina Jo lie's hit Tomb Raider, taking warrior female video characters to the big screen. She's also involved in Blue Crush, a women's surf flick. Maybe Michelle ought to start looking at some other scripts soon. I suggest something along the lines of The Peacemaker, or Harmony for You and Me. Remember what Kenny Rogers taught us in the 1970s classic Coward of the County: "Promise me, son, not to do the things I've done. Walk away from trouble if you can. It don't mean you're weak if you turn the other cheek. I hope you're old enough to understand, son, you don't have to fight to be a man."


Drew Barrymare is all about spreading the love, as Us magazine recently reported. She was making out with not one but two hot ladies at a trendy Los Angeles nightclub, A.D. Why stop at one when you've got two hands to hold? But handholding was just the start of it all. Clubgoers saw Drew and her dame duo making out for hours and then hitting the dance floor, where they lifted each other's shirts to kiss nipples. If this is what our doll is doing out in public, what could be going on behind closed doors? That's for me to know and you to find out! See ya'll next time--same dirty gossip column, same dirty page.
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