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Rumor has it that Sherine Abdel Wahab got booed off the Moroccan stage.

It all comes down to he said, she said once more. We're not sure who to believe and still trying to piece together what actually happened, but fans were going cray-cray either way after Sherine Abdul Wahab performed live in concert at the Voix de Femmes festival.

You might remember that Egyptians were mad that their songstress was leaving town for something so lighthearted as a concert in another country when their was so much political probs going on in her homeland.

Perhaps their warnings to not go should have been listened to. The starlet denies the claims that she was kicked out of the country for her anti-Morsi stance on stage.

The rumors said that the singer bowed to the request of the audience and left the stage after they objected to her salutations to Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the Commander in Chief for the Egyptian Armed Forces made a telephone call to Yasser Khalil, the Technical Advisor for "Nogoum Records" who produce Sherine's Records . He said that the incident never happened, although he did confirm that some residents of Tetouan, including the governor, are supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood.

He continued to say that as soon as Sherine saluted El-Sisi, some protestors went backstage and told him angrily, "No one salutes anyone here", He claimed to not have paid them any attention.

According to Yasser Sherine had no idea their anti-salute comments ever even happened. She only learned of it from her band members on their way back to Cairo.

Yasser said, thank God she did not find out about the objections during the concert, because he did not know what her reaction would be, she would have probably left as the rumors indicate actually did happen.

Yasser claims the concert was a big success with Sherine receiving a warm welcome for more than 30 thousand in audience who also sang along to many of her greatest hits.

Where do you think the truth lies? Please share your analysis by commenting below!

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Date:Aug 27, 2013
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