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Ruling out radwastes sites.

Ruling out radwaste sites

The Reagan administration has "postponed indefinitely' its effort to find a site for a second high-level nuclear waste dump. Secretary John S. Herrington of the Department of Energy (DOE) last week announced that his agency intends to abandon its controversial search for a suitable site in granite or crystalline rock formations.

Herrington argued that because the volume of spent fuel from nuclear power plants is growing less rapidly than anticipated, one repository would be enough to meet foreseeable future needs. This move, he said, would save millions of dollars that would otherwise be spent to study potential sites for a second repository. The abrupt decision brought a chorus of cheers from officials and residents in seven states where DOE had identified potentially acceptable repository sites (SN: 2/1/86, p. 74).

The administration also eliminated two backup choices for the first high-level nuclear waste repository. One was in Davis Canyon, Utah, and the other at Richton Dome, Miss. That leaves three candidates: a salt formation in Deaf Smith County, Texas; the consolidated volcanic ash of Yucca Mountain, Nev.; and a volcanic basalt site on the Hanford nuclear reservation near Richland, Wash. (SN: 1/5/85, p. 6).
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Title Annotation:second nuclear waste site postponed
Publication:Science News
Date:Jun 7, 1986
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