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Rules change eases restrictions on EMO dates conflict.

Back when CECIMO, the European consortium of national machine-tool associations, was planning the first of the current EMOs for Paris in 1975, it adopted the policy that also had governed previous pan-European shows. The EMO would be held in odd-numbered years; each constituent association would stage its own national machine-tool show in even-numbered years (like the Spanish AFM's BIEHM, the British MTA's MACH, the Italian UCIMU's Bi-MU, etc.); and there would be no overlap. The principle was then applied to individual exhibitors.

Fine. Except that the rule clearly runs afoul of European Commission antimonopoly laws. CECIMO initially had had little difficulty in obtaining waivers, arguing that a period of exclusivity surrounding EMO would ensure efficient focusing of the whole community. Recently the European authority again agreed to an exemption, but it became clear in the process that EMO's Article 1.7 rule is too restrictive for the new millennium. Plus, important constituencies chafed at having an entire year blacked out: The German VDW, for example, now runs two Metavs; and many independent shows have grown in importance.
 So, a rules change: The period of exclusivity
 surrounding EMO is now reduced to six months
 (May to October) instead of the calendar year.

Moreover, a temporary rules suspension: The new six-month policy doesn't apply until the EMO after next (in 2007), to give everybody a chance to sort their calendars out. That means that there is no restriction on participation in shows close to the next EMO, which runs September 14-21, 2005, in Hanover, Germany (see

CECIMO, Brussels, Belgium. 32-2-502-7090.
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Title Annotation:Trade Fair Scheduling
Publication:Metalworking Insiders' Report
Date:Jul 1, 2004
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