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Rule Britannia, to coin a phrase.

AT first glance this may appear to be an artist putting the finishing touches to a painting - but these tiny figures have been commissioned by the Royal Mint to reflect the scale of the UK's smallest coins.

Measuring just 8mm across and available in gold or silver, the delicate coins weigh one-40th of an ounce and form part of the Llantrisant Mint's new commemorative Britannia 2015 Proof Coin Collection.

To mark the launch of the Proof Britannia 2015 Collection, the Mint commissioned miniature sculptor Roy's People to portray the moment when the design of the coins came to life.

The 2015 Britannia was designed by Anthony Dufort, and the artist is depicted in miniature, capturing the maritime design that appears on the reverse of the new collection.

The new Britannia design is intended to have a simple and elegant feel, wearing her familiar Corinthian helmet and holding the trident, with a masted ship with billowing sails in the background.

The obverse of the coins bears the new, fifth definitive portrait of the Queen, designed by Royal Mint engraver Jody Clark. The gold coin is available to buy on the Mint's website for PS50, while the silver coin can be bought as part of a set for PS200.


Miniature sculpture by Roy's People to launch the Mint's Britannia 2015 Proof Collection, which includes <Bthe UK's smallest coin Mikael Buck / The Royal Mint

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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Jul 30, 2015
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