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Rugged jacket compound.

A jacket compound that is said to exhibit a low-temperature brittleness value of <-60[degrees]C is the latest addition to a suite of rugged Flexalloy PVC elastomer products for jacketing and insulation of electric vehicle charger cables. Flexalloy 9612-75 is a 75 durometer A compound that complies with the -40[degrees]C cold impact test requirement specified in CSA standards. It exhibits tensile strength of 2,645 psi (18.2 MPa) and elongation of 390%, and it complies with the UL-62 oil resistance requirement. All of the Flexalloy compounds for EV charger cable are said to be abrasion resistant, resilient and tough, even at very low temperatures, yet cost-effective for large-volume production. The durability and elasticity of Flexalloy PVC elastomers are said to make them high-performance alternatives to standard PVC compounds, while being less expensive than premium materials like thermoplastic polyurethane. (Teknor Apex)
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Title Annotation:Suppliers Showcase: Extrusion
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Apr 1, 2014
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