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Ruger's first .45.

Ruger has always been known for excellent dealer support and superior, low-cost products, and their new .45 automatic, the P90DC, is no exception.

This pistol marks Sturm, Ruger Co.'s first handgun chambered in .45 ACP. The P90DC is built in a standard 1911 design with a magazine capacity of seven rounds. One of the major selling points of the gun is that, rather than a safety, the P90DC offers a slide mounted decocking lever, allowing customers to change the trigger from the light, single-action pull to the heavier double-action without dropping the hammer on a live round.

The gun is constructed with a stainless steel slide and a heavy-duty aluminum alloy frame. According to Ruger, this frame is strong enough to endure even the punishment of P loads without cracking.

Of all the features on this gun, one of the most notable is the grips. Made of high-impact polymer, these are some of the most comfortable factory grips on the market. They fit quite nicely in the shooter's hand and, with the moderate recoil of the gun, make target reacquisition very quick. The only drawback here is that the beefy alloy frame makes the grip a bit large for small-handed shooters.

The gun only offers one minor design problem, and that is the lack of a rear slide grip. On the front of the slide there is a ridge which makes manual operation of the slide easy enough for target shooting, but in a combat situation where quick slide manipulation is required, the only option is to grasp the slide by the decocking lever. This gets the job done, but it is much less comfortable than it could be - something which small-handed customers might find even more disagreeable.

After running 1,200 rounds of CCI Blazer ammunition and 500 rounds of Speer Lawman with the famous Speer flying ashtray" bullets, the gun had only three failures to feed, all with the hollowpoint ammo. The accuracy was impressive with both rounds and the gun's recovery was fast enough that even double tapping the trigger produced acceptable results. Even novice shooters should be able to achieve five-inch groups with very little effort.

Benefits For The Dealer

One of the advantages to selling Ruger products is the price, and the P90DC is no exception. With a suggested retail of $399, this pistol is priced $ 1 00 below most of its competition, mainly due to Ruger's investment casting manufacturing. Unlike most gun makers who machine their gun parts out of solid steel, Ruger casts theirs part by part, keeping the waste metal to a minimum and the manufacturing costs low.

Along with the pistol, Ruger supplies two magazines, a custom-fitted black plastic carrying case, and a padlock embossed with the Ruger logo. This package gives the pistol a higher perceived value in the eyes of the customer and makes the gun easier to sell. Gun buyers feel they are getting a better value for their dollar when the product they buy comes with some small extras. It also allows the dealers to put together a "full sale" package by adding a holster or a cleaning kit to increase profits and customer satisfaction even further.

The Bottom Line

The P90 is an ideal product to sell to customers who want the best pistol they can get on a limited budget. The price, the accuracy, the reliability and the feel of the gun are excellent. The P90 may well become the most popular low-priced gun in your display counter, especially among first-time buyers.

With all of the value-added features, the P90DC is certainly a dealer's dream. As any salesperson knows, it is hard for a customer to turn down a bargain, especially when he or she feels they are getting a package deal. By pointing out all the features of Ruger's first .45 pistol, dealers should be quite pleased with the sales of this gun.
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Title Annotation:Product Reviews for the Dealer: Sighting In; Sturm Ruger and Company Inc.'s P90DC .45 automatic pistol
Author:Farrell, Scott
Publication:Shooting Industry
Date:Jan 1, 1992
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