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Rubric Introduces E-Marketing Data Mart for Integrated Closed Loop E-Marketing System.

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 6, 1999--

New Architecture Seamlessly Integrates E-Marketing Data Analysis

with Automated Campaign Execution to Drive E-Commerce

Rubric, Inc., the leading provider of Web-based E-Marketing applications, today unveiled the Rubric E-Marketing Data Mart.

The data mart makes it easy to analyze the most common sources of marketing data found on web sites, including customer profile and demographic data, click-streams, and e-commerce transactions. It is part of an enhanced closed loop architecture that seamlessly integrates e-marketing data analysis with the automated execution of personalized E-Marketing campaigns.

The result is a comprehensive picture of an e-customer that can be easily leveraged to drive real-time 1:1 E-Marketing campaigns to increase revenue and customer loyalty.

"Until now, the amount of Web and e-commerce data that marketers had to integrate and analyze was overwhelming and conducted on an ad hoc basis," said Anu Shukla, Rubric CEO.

"With the Rubric E-Marketing Data Mart, marketers can not only get an instant, accurate and comprehensive picture of their customers, campaigns, and e-sites, but they can leverage this knowledge to rapidly construct and automate personalized campaigns. This is the first closed loop end-to-end E-Marketing system that seamlessly combines marketing analysis with automated 1:1 campaign execution."

Rubric E-Marketing Data Mart

In talking with customers, Rubric discovered a common problem facing many e-businesses. Companies were struggling to integrate information from multiple systems, including content engines, e-commerce packages, clickstream tools, and legacy data sources such as product registration data. Many companies were considering building proprietary data marts or offline data repositories that would be disconnected from their operational marketing systems.

To address this problem, Rubric analyzed the information needs of marketers as well as the most common sources of marketing and e-commerce data. The Rubric E-Marketing Data Mart pre-integrates these data sources into a collection of star schemas. The data mart can reside in any leading RDBMS such as ORACLE or MS SQL Server.

Rubric licensed technology from Ardent Software, a leading provider of Open Data Mart technology, allowing the data mart to be quickly built, easily extended, and seamlessly refreshed.

"Rubric selected Ardent because it represented a true best-of-breed and open data mart solution," said Jonathan Corr, Rubric director of Product Management.

"Ardent's technology enables complete and accurate meta data sharing among leading business intelligence and modeling tools. This enables customers to use the analytical tools they already know and leverage them to immediately launch personalized E-Marketing campaigns."

The tight integration of Rubric EMA 2 and the Rubric E-Marketing Data Mart enables seamless interaction between analysis and execution. Other standalone data marts allow the user to perform analysis but provide no direct link to taking action. This architecture provides a simple 1-2-3 transition from execution to analysis and back again to execution.

The data mart includes a best of breed OLAP solution with business views. It provides templates and semantics to immediately answer questions such as how do companies: -0-
-- increase the number and quality of leads with targeted campaigns
-- maximize revenue with cross-selling and up-selling
-- increase customer value by targeting the most profitable
-- measure what combinations of customer communications are most
 effective in building relationships

Marketers can perform increasing levels of sophisticated analysis, such as data mining and profitability modeling, to identify the most attractive customer and target segments. From there, they can click a button to execute a multi-channel, multi-function E-Marketing campaign, then have all of the campaign results available in the data mart to measure campaign effectiveness.

Availability and Pricing

The first customer shipment of the Rubric E-Marketing Data Mart is in the third quarter of 1999. It is an add-on module to Rubric EMA 2 with pricing starting at $100,000.

About Rubric, Inc.

Rubric is the leading provider of Web based E-Marketing applications for Fortune 500 and e-commerce companies. Rubric EMA 2 enables the implementation of a closed loop system to increase revenue, reduce marketing costs, increase marketing efficiency, and measure marketing effectiveness.

Rubric EMA 2 provides an E-Marketing engine to accelerate e-commerce by automating the planning, execution and measurement of e-campaigns. It enables precise segmentation and targeting capabilities to launch personalized cross-sell and up-sell campaigns across Internet and traditional channels.

Rubric EMA 2 provides a lead management engine to optimize lead flow. It integrates response and lead management to automatically capture and measure campaign responses from multiple customer touch points.

The software performs lead mining, consisting of automatic lead scoring, qualification, assignment, routing, and feedback, to transform a higher percentage of raw inquiries into qualified leads and customers. It can be integrated with Sales Force Automation (SFA) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, call centers, and contact managers.

Rubric EMA 2 is also a communications engine to build relationships. It uses graphical workflow to enable the cost-effective automation of continuous relationship marketing programs. These programs conduct ongoing personalized communication with diverse audiences to increase their levels of awareness, knowledge, and loyalty and to develop incremental profiles about them.

Rubric customers include Hewlett-Packard Company,, N.E.T., Rainmaker, Merant, BEA Systems and other leading Fortune 500 and e-commerce companies. The company is backed by top-tier venture firms, including Brentwood Venture Capital, Menlo Ventures, The Cambridge Technology Capital Fund, TL Ventures, Amerindo, and RRE. For more information, Rubric can be contacted at 877/RUBRIC1 (877/782-7421) toll free, 650/513-3870 or

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Date:Jul 6, 1999
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