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Rubbermaid and Canadian Tire.

Rubbermaid and Canadian Tire are working with a recycling and compounding company called Custom Cryogenic Grinding, Waterford, Ontario, to produce the first Rubbermaid product containing scrap tires. The product, a boot/ shoe tray, is made up of an engineered alloy composed of tire rubber, rubber scrap from Rubbermaid's molding operation, polyolefins and special compatibilizers. Canadian Tire provides the scrap tires and Custom Cryogenic Grinding develops the thermoplastic compound that Rubbermaid uses to mold the tray. Rubbermaid is selling the tray to Canadian Tire as an exclusive product with the guarantee that the tray will contain 20% tire rubber derived from Canadian Tire's scrap tires.
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Title Annotation:tire companies to work with recycling company Custom Cryogenic Grinding to create a product from scrap tires
Publication:Rubber World
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Date:Dec 1, 1992
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