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Rubber-like TPEs.

Monprene thermoplastic elastomer compounds are used in an application for reusable paintless paintballs that eliminate the cost and mess of target practice and simulated games. The rubber-like elasticity of Monprene TPEs is said to duplicate the low-impact performance of gel-like regular paintballs, while providing the toughness necessary to withstand multiple firings from a compressed air gun and multiple target hits. Monprene TPE compounds are based on proprietary styrenic block copolymer chemistry and exhibit a high degree of versatility, meeting requirements ranging from high durability to super-soft comfort, from water clarity to brilliant opaque colors, and from compliance with FDA standards to resistance to aggressive end-use environments, according to the company. Included in the product range are ultra-soft gel compounds (30 durometer OO to 65 durometer OO), custom injection molding and extrusion compounds (35 durometer A to 90 durometerA) and specialty injection molding compounds (20 durometer A to 90 durometer A). Examples of current uses for Monprene TPEs include appliances, medical devices, seals and gaskets, tubing and more. (Teknor Apex)
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Title Annotation:Supplier Showcase: Materials
Publication:Rubber World
Date:Oct 1, 2007
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