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Rubber bullets - not pea shooters.

PROTESTERS have been warned that they will face a hail of rubber bullets if they engage in violent, unplanned protests during next year's World Cup.

Only six months remain until the start of the World Cup, but questions remain over security and the stadia being used at the tournament in Brazil.

Anarchist movement Black Bloc have warned that they will try to interrupt proceedings during the World Cup, and security is tight around the plush Costa do Sauipe resort where the draw is taking place on Friday.

But should they cause trouble next summer, protesters will be met with force, according to World Cup security adviser Andre Pruis, who helped in the planning of the largely trouble-free 2010 World Cup.

"If crowds get violent, do you think a water cannon is going to disperse them?" he said. "You have to disperse them. A rubber bullet is a low level of action. It hurts, but what are police going to do? Use a pea shooter?"
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Dec 5, 2013
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