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Royal Dutch Shell plc: Holdings of Company.


 1. Identity of the issuer or
 the underlying issuer of existing Royal Dutch Shell plc
 shares to which voting rights are
 attached (ii): (A shares and A ADRs)

 2. Reason for the notification

 An acquisition or disposal of
 voting rights Yes

 An acquisition or disposal of financial
 instruments which may result in the
 acquisition of shares already issued
 to which voting rights are attached

 An event changing the breakdown of
 voting rights

 Other (please specify):

 3. Full name of person(s) subject to Capital Group
 the notification obligation (iii): International Inc.

 4. Full name of shareholder(s)
 (if different from 3.) (iv):

 5. Date of the transaction (and date
 on which the threshold is
 crossed or reached if different) (v): 31 August 2007

 6. Date on which issuer notified: 5 September 2007

 7. Threshold(s) that is/are crossed
 or reached: Below 3%

 8. Notified details:

 A: Voting rights attached to shares

 Class/type Situation previous Resulting situation after
 of shares to the triggering
 if possible the Triggering transaction (vii)
 using the transaction (vi)

 Number Number Number Number of % of voting
 of of of voting rights
 Shares Voting shares rights (ix)
 Direct Direct Direct
 Indirect Indirect Indirect
 (x) (xi)

 A Shares
 Euro 0.07
 (GB00B3MLX29) 86,323,767 83,323,767 86,085,549 86,085,549 2.3693%
 A American
 (US7802592060)11,332,440 22,664,880 11,332,440 22,664,880 0.6238%

 B: Financial Instruments

 Resulting situation after the triggering transaction (xii)

 Number of
 voting rights that
 may be
 Exercise/ acquired if
 Type of Conversion the instrument
 financial Expiration Period/ is % of voting
 instrument date (xiii) Date (xiv) exercised/converted rights


 Total (A+B)

 Number of voting rights % of voting rights
 108,750,429 2.9931%

 9. Chain of controlled undertakings through which the voting rights
 and/or the financial instruments are effectively held, if
 applicable (xv):

 Capital Guardian Trust
 Company 70,866,373 1.950%

 Capital International Limited 20,601,070 0.567%

 Capital International S.A. 9,281,678 0.255%

 Capital International Inc 8,001,308 0.220%

 Proxy Voting:

 10. Name of the proxy holder: N/A

 11. Number of voting rights proxy
 holder will cease to hold: N/A

 12. Date on which proxy holder
 will cease to hold voting rights: N/A

 13. Additional information:

 14. Contact name: Mark Edwards

 15. Contact telephone number: +44-20-734-2817

 Annex Notification Of Major Interests In Shares (xvi)

 A: Identity of the person or legal entity subject to the
 notification obligation

 Full name (including legal
 form for legal entities) Capital Group International, Inc

 Contact address (registered 11100 Santa Monica Blvd., 15th
 office for legal entities) Floor, Los Angeles, California

 Phone number & email +1-213-615-0469

 Other useful information (at least legal representative for
 legal persons)

 B: Identity of the notifier, if applicable (xvii)

 Full name Gina Martinez

 Contact address 11100 Santa Monica Blvd., 15th
 Floor, Los Angeles, California

 Phone number +1-213-615-0469

 Other useful information (e.g.
 functional relationship with
 the person or legal entity
 subject to the notification
 obligation) Fax +1-213-486-9698

 C: Additional information

 Commencing 20 January 2007, The Capital Group Companies, Inc., no
 longer reports ownership of securities. Capital Group International,
 Inc and Capital Research and Management Company now report relevant
 holdings separately for the purposes of the new DTR Handbook.

CONTACT: Royal Dutch Shell Media Relations: +44-(0)207-934-5963
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