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Royal Ascot at York: Diary: Media verdict: no class war.

PREDICTABLY, it was the Daily Mail that won the prize for worst northern stereotype, describing Royal Ascot at York as ``the Monaco Grand Prix at Bournemouth or Cowes Week at Hull''.

If anything, the media's coverage of the Royal meeting has probably increased for the trip north, with the Mail particularly revelling in the switch.

`Ascot Oop North!' was the headline on page 13, with the strap reading `As the Royal Meeting relocates to York, will bad weather spoil the punters' fun? Will it heck!' Charlie Brooks said the cold weather ``didn't cheer the southern women up much'' in the Daily Telegraph, and on Britain's best-loved topic, The Independentadded that ``a buffeting wind and foul rain satisfied southern preconceptions about the northern weather''.

The Daily Express described it as ``the strangest Royal Ascot Britain has ever seen'' and described the Queen as making a gaffe by wearing a ``diamond brooch bearing a red rose motif while in the White Rose county''.

The Times ran with the headline on page three `I say, it's freezing up north and some of these fellahs don't have a tie on', having interviewed one Londoner, who said yesterday's meeting was ``that bit less classy - there aren't so many of the beautiful people here''.

In truth, though, the class war that many of the media had secretly hoped for never materialised. As The Guardiansaid: ``There were no northerners waiting to attack visitors from the south with their whippets or force-feed them meat-andpotato pie.''
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Title Annotation:Sports
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Jun 16, 2005
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