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Roy Moore and the constitution. (Letters).

I am a proud native of Alabama, but I fear I am far from proud of Roy Moore, the chief justice of the Supreme Court of my home state. In fact, I find it totally incredible that any jurist in this country could be so ignorant of the supreme law of this land, the U.S. Constitution.

I refer specifically to the First Amendment's establishment clause, which guarantees all citizens freedom of religion. And don't forget its inextricable corollary, freedom from religion, which Chief Justice Moore in all his puzzling, unbounded religious fanaticism chooses to ignore.

Thomas Jefferson, James Madison and other founders sought to erect by that clause what has been termed a wall of separation between church and state in this new republic. American historical documents make it abundantly clear that the drafters of the U.S. Constitution firmly had in mind the horrible, and indeed often bloody, consequences ensuing from religious and political leaders within certain European countries who were sleeping in the same bed, as it were. So, they wanted to prevent it from happening here.

Time has proven them to be very wise. Let us all beware of clerics and public officials trying to persuade us that their political ambitions are not being served by their stated religious piety -- for example, their Muslim counterparts in Iran.
--Reginald Jones
Honolulu, Hawaii
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Author:Jones, Reginald
Publication:Church & State
Date:May 1, 2002
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