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Roy's Custom Grips.

Everyone and anyone who has any interest in grips whatsoever knows and recognizes Roy Fishpaw of Roy's Custom Grips as the absolute master in the maim of custom-crafting sixgun and semiautomatic stocks. When it comes to making gun grips, Fishpaw understands everything: fit, finish, shape, size and material.

Fishpaw is well known as both a craftsman and a complete grip maker with a list of grip materials including exotic woods, aged elephant ivory, even Mastodon ivory, and the very rare ram's horn. Single Action style I have Fishpaw grips in figured walnut on a Custom Ruger Flattop, the very unusual Snakewood on a Colt Single Action, and ram's horn on a TLA Improved No. 5 and a USFA Single Action. Ram's horn makes into yellowish-colored stocks that almost seem to be translucent, is highly prized and extremely beautiful. Switching to double action, Roy has stocked a pair of S&W .44 Magnums and a 3 1/2" .357 Magnum all with fancy walnut, plus the latest, a 1950 Target .44 Special with a reddish wood matching perfectly with the finish of the Special .44.

Fishpaw has a perfect feel for what a sixgun grip should be, his work is absolutely flawless and as close to perfect fit as is humanly possible. He achieves this by fitting each pair to the whole gun, even with Ruger single actions he wants the whole gun to work within his march to perfection He also deals with each customer as an individual and is therefore usually backlogged. Waiting time and Fishpaw grips go hand in hand; each customer's name is put on a list and the requested sixgun is shipped when the name comes up on the list.




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Date:Aug 1, 2006
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