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Row over partner's pampering plans; ask anna The answer to your problems.

QHAVING taken what amounts to a pay cut to keep our jobs, we've had to pull our belts in a bit lately - just in case.

I've cut down my visits to the pub to twice a week and it's three months since we've had a proper night out.

I was none too pleased, to put it mildly, when my partner announced that she was off on a hen night "pampering session".

It would cost pounds 120 - and that's before she forks out at least pounds 50 for her friend's wedding present.

I admit that, when she told me, I exploded and maybe I said things that were better left unsaid.

But she gave as good as she got. She accused me of spending just as much boozing with the boys every weekend over the past couple of months, while she "stayed home and did the ironing like Cinderella".

She's been in a real sulk about it ever since. Now she's threatening to ring her mates and cry off the hen night because I'm being a tightwad.

Why should I get the blame, when she knows we can't really afford it?

MARTIN, Selly Oak

AWHAT concerns you more, Martin: gaining a tightwad image or souring relationships with your partner over money? First and foremost, get out your calculator and tot up whether you do spend similar sums on your twice-weekly boys' nights out.

If she has a valid point on that, then, frankly, you haven't a leg to stand on, have you? Face it: she really wants to attend this pampering session - or she would have cried off without consulting you.
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Publication:Sunday Mercury (Birmingham, England)
Date:Jul 5, 2009
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