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Roving in wind and water.

OC SE 1200 Type 30 single-end roving for knitting and weaving is aimed at the wind-energy and marine markets. According to Owens Coming, this product--which is said to provide dynamic fatigue properties when used in polyester resins systems--is supplied in a range of tex (yield) from 200 to 4800 tex, with 13- to 23-micron filament diameter. It can be used in a variety of processes to manufacture knitted or woven glass fabrics; central stiffness members for fiber-optic cabling; and filament-wound pipe, tubes, or tanks. As a result of the product's strength and fatigue performance in polyester resins, which allows for more than 10% greater performance than that of competitive products, the company says, OC SE 1200 Type 30 roving enables the design of boat hulls, stringers, and decks that offer superior performance at high strength-to-weight ratio and enhanced lifetime properties.

The product is described as exhibiting:

* 12% higher cyclic fatigue strength than competitive fibers obtained at 10 million cycles in polyester resin;

* 11% higher shear strength in polyester resin than competitive fibers, both dry and after 72-hour boil (meets ASTM D 2344 standards);

* 25% higher laminate tensile strength than competitive fibers in polyester resin (meets ASTM D 2343 standards); and

* 35% higher laminate tensile strength than competitive fibers in epoxy resin (ASTM D 2343).

Owens Coming reports that OC SE 1200 Type 30 roving offers multi-resin compatibility, allowing for its use in vinyl ester and epoxy resin systems, in addition to polyester systems. The product is also said to feature smooth run-out and easy fabrication, and less machine cleaning is required, because of "low fuzz and no catenary." Good strand opening and covering mean that flat fabrics maintain good aspect before and after molding.

The superior corrosion resistance of OC SE 1200 Type 30 roving is said to be attributable to Owens Coming's Advantex glass, which was developed as a boron-free E-glass with significantly improved corrosion-resistance capabilities. Advantex meets the ASTM D578 standard for both corrosion-resistant ECR glass and traditional E-glass. Advantex glass uses a common technology platform that results in product uniformity worldwide, notes the company.

Owens Corning, One Owens Corning Parkway, Toledo, OH 43659; (419) 248-8000;
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Title Annotation:OC SE 1200 Type 30 roving from Owens Corning. Composites Div.
Comment:Roving in wind and water.(OC SE 1200 Type 30 roving from Owens Corning.
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Date:Jun 1, 2004
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