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Rovi Launches MainConcept(R) Codec SDK 9.

Rovi Corporation (Nasdaq:ROVI) has announced the availability of an updated version of its MainConcept(R) Codec SDK (Software Development Kit). Version 9 of the SDK will enable developers to quickly take advantage of many of the very latest codec and network streaming technologies, providing them with what they need to integrate video and audio compression functionality.

Codec SDK 9 demonstrates Rovi's breadth of entertainment offerings, which include upstream production technology used to create and distribute entertainment. Rovi's MainConcept technologies are used by top production and broadcast brands across a wide range of professional industries, from Hollywood authoring, IPTV and streaming media to security, medical and digital signage.

New features of MainConcept SDK include:

-- H.264/AVC Encoder Wrapper: Enables rapid H.264/AVC implementation by providing a single API wrapper for all H.264/AVC encoders: CUDA, OpenCL, Intel Quick Sync Video, and H.264/AVC Software Encoder

-- H.264/AVC Smart Rendering: Enables fast editing, trimming, and copying at any frame position without requiring a complete re-encode

-- Enhanced Network Streaming Support: Features enhanced support for network streaming for Flash RTMP, DLNA Media Server/Renderer/Control Point and SIP IP conferencing

-- VC-3 Encoding Support: VC-3 codec support including Avid DNxHD compliant MXF multiplexing

-- Fragmented MP4 Support: Enables segmented streaming of an MP4 file as well as the multiplexing of multiple streams with different bitrates into a single MP4 file, essential for streaming in conditions with fluctuating bandwidths

-- Updated Runtime Requirements: Version 9 has been built with the following compiler tools: Visual Studio 2010, Linux Ubuntu 4.2.4-1ubuntu3 (gcc 4.2.4) and XCode 3.1

Multiple trends are driving the demand for the new features that Rovi delivers in its MainConcept SDK, including the need to support all of the different hardware-accelerated encoders that have recently been introduced, the need to enable faster AVC editing workflows with smart rendering and the need to deliver encoded streams across a network using a variety of different network protocols.

"We have a highly comprehensive codec library and great insight into what development professionals need, which makes Rovi well-suited to provide simple and helpful tools--in the form of powerful, feature-rich SDKs--to help developers quickly deliver innovative entertainment products to market," said Corey Ferengul, EVP Products at Rovi Corporation. "Without the MainConcept SDKs and its one-of-a-kind H.264/AVC wrapper, developers would be forced to implement multiple SDKs from multiple vendors, incurring significant costs and hindering development times."

Codec SDK 9 offers a comprehensive H.264/AVC wrapper that enables developers to easily implement one API that works with all hardware-accelerated H.264 encoders (CUDA, OpenCL, Intel Quick Sync Video) as well as MainConcept's software encoder. The SDK includes comprehensive input and output multiplexing components for a tremendous breadth of industry formats, and it offers network streaming components with broadcast streaming capabilities for a wide range of server protocols -- including Adobe Flash Streaming and DLNA - enabling developers to create complete end-to-end entertainment solutions.

Rovi's MainConcept Codec SDK 9 provides cross-platform support for Windows, Mac and Linux. Existing users can download version 9 from the MainConcept Customer Portal or contact a regional sales representative for further details or to request an evaluation.

For more information, call 408-562-3077.
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Publication:Telephone IP News
Date:Sep 30, 2011
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