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Rover Chairman Says Sales Will Double.

Rover will double its production to one million vehicles a year in the future, says Chairman Werner Samann. "This is very much a long-term prediction. We are not talking about a doubling of production in the next three to four years," a spokesman emphasizes.

Indeed, uncertainty about the BMW subsidiary's furore and a dearth of new models, saw Rover's sales dip more than 27% for the first four months of 1999 compared with the same 1998 period.

The company expects the upcoming replacement cars for the current 200 and 400 models will turn that around, with anticipated sales of 500,000 units, roughly comparable to the VW Golf. The cars will be the first new Rovers developed since BMW's 1995 takeover and will have the same diversity and range of variants as the BMW 3 Series.


Model     Jan-April '99      Jan April '98

Mini         3,860              6,067
200         48,493             56,321
400         39,146             44,917
600          4,061             16,338
800            0                3,554
MGF          5,657              5,591
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Comment:Rover Chairman Says Sales Will Double.
Author:Bursa, Mark
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Date:Jun 1, 1999
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