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Routing & scheduling system improvements from RTSI.

Routing & Scheduling System Improvements from RTSI

Routing Technology Software, Inc. (RTSI) has announced the new Version 6.0 of the Roadshow vehicle routing and scheduling system.

"Roadshow Version 6.0 shows our continuing commitment to our customer," explains RTSI's chief executive officer, Dr. Donald Soults. "The new features in Version 6.0 are a direct result of enhancements recommended by Roadshow users around the world."

According to RTSI, Roadshow continues to provide powerful features and ease of use for cost savings and competitive advantages. RTSI reports Version 6.0 includes many new and enhanced features, including route status monitoring, vehicle re-dispatching, five-day routes and multiple-week delivery cycles.

RTSI says Roadshow Version 6.0 provides up-to-the-minute status monitoring for every vehicle in a user's fleet. The program provides full-color images of commercial maps, with each vehicle displayed at its planned location on its route. If route delays alter the schedule, RTSI points out, routers can use a mouse to reposition the vehicle symbol. Customers can be notified in advance, and deliveries can be resequenced.

RTSI says that its new "vehicle redispatching" feature effectively multiples the use of available vehicles by producing routes with multiple return trips to the depot for reloading and redispatching. The company reports that Roadshow automatically determines arrival time back at the plant, as well as the loads that need to be staged and waiting for the truck when it returns.

Version 6.0 also handles customers that need once-a-week, more-than-weekly or less-than-once-a-week service, RTSI notes. Roadshow can define the day, route and sequence of delivery for a weekly cycle. Users can also define territories that produce equitable driver commissions and work hours.

Full-color maps display color-coded stops and territory boundaries to make changing territory boundaries to make changing says. A summary display instantly recalculates route time, sales volume, case count and the territory balancing measure each time the user changes stops from one route or territory to another.

For more information, contract Routing Technology Software, Inc., 8614 Westwood Center Dr., Suite 3000, Vienna, VA, 22182-2233. Tel: (703) 356-9797.

PHOTO : Sample screen from Routing Technology Software's Roadshow program.
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Date:Jan 20, 1992
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