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Routine birth interventions found dangerous.

The Winter 2007 supplement to the Journal of Perinatal Education describes the history of the Coalition for Improving Maternity Services (CIMS) as part of a global effort to promote "normal birth" (as established by universal guidelines for the routine care of women during uncomplicated labor and childbirth). The supplement presents the principles underlying the Mother-Friendly Childbirth Initiative (MFCI), the first consensus declaration in the history of North America in which a multidisciplinary body of professional organizations and individuals address the issues of labor and birth. The supplement also identifies the Ten Steps of Mother-Friendly Care that lay out the practical application of the philosophy and principles of the MFCI and introduce the evidence base for the Ten Steps. Discussion and commentary are provided. The supplement is intended for use by health professionals, families, and others in supporting normal birth and breastfeeding as the standard of care for all women. The supplement is available to journal subscribers at http://www.

A team of experts headed up by Henci Goer conducted a systematic review of the scientific evidence behind the Ten Steps for Mother-Friendly Maternity Care, and the results have just been published in the Winter 2007 Supplement of the Journal of Perinatal Education (Vol. 16, No.1).

Birth advocates everywhere should appreciate the committed work of this team of experts and the support of CIMS and Lamaze International to see the project through!

Please read Lamaze International's press release on the next page, which summarizes some of the high points.
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