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Route management from Information Concepts.

Route Management from Information Concepts

Information Concepts, Inc. (ICI) reports that its Total Route Management (TRM) package can be tailored to fit the unique reporting requirements of beer wholesalers. The fully-integrated system offers route reconciliation, sales analysis, financial reporting, precise inventory control and hand-held data collection devices.

ICI notes that suppliers can require market penetration information and customer segment analysis. The company says TRM can compile such reports swiftly.

In addition, ICI says TRM's flexible report component can accommodate most state liquor commission reporting requirements without extra programming.

ICI cites the necessity for logging the exact term of each post-off price reduction, and says that TRM can provide precise post-off information to allow compliance.

The TRM package can also record what products a customer purchased and how much of each product was on hand at last visit. The company says that daily invoice data includes an inventory of each customer's stock to help manage inventories and target sales trends.

TRM also features an accounts receivable system to help monitor account aging. The system can designate account types, such as pre-pay or limited credit terms, and track the payment status of each customer.

ICI says that the TRM system can help reduce distribution costs by ensuring that the right products are loaded onto the trucks. In addition, TRM's sales forecasting reports can help monitor inventory costs, the company says.

Hardware options range from single workstation installations to networks and mid-range computers. TRM runs under operating systems such as SCO Unix/Xenix and DEC VMS.

The company maintains a help desk staffed by experienced personnel, and additional logistics services include network modeling, route optimization, and methods and procedures analysis service.

For more information, contact Information Concepts, Inc., 354 N.E. Greenwood Ave., Suite 206, Bend, OR, 97701. Tel (503) 388-3611.

PHOTO : A user working with the Total Route Management package from Information Concepts
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Title Annotation:Total Route Management
Publication:Modern Brewery Age
Date:Jan 20, 1992
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