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Rousselot's Synergy Systems and collagen peptides.

At Fi Europe 2013, Rousselot[R], a global leader in gelatine and collagen peptides will be showcasing its exciting ingredient portfolio for a variety of food and beverage applications. Visitors can sample the company's innovative solutions, including its Synergy Systems[TM] and Halal-certified gelatines, in a wide range of product concepts. They will also learn more about the outcomes of its latest Peptan[R] scientific research which further supports the efficacy of Rousselot's clinically-proven collagen peptides.

Recognised for their versatility and clear functional benefits, Rousselot's gelatines are suitable for use in a multitude of product formulations. The company will present its four recently launched Synergy Systems at this year's show. Composed of different types of gelatine, or a specific gelatine and other ingredients (pectin for example) the Synergy Systems work synergistically so the functionality of each gelatine and each additional ingredient is boosted when they are combined. As a result, manufacturers can create products with new or additional benefits from improved stability and emulsification to enhanced taste and texture. They can be used to formulate 'better-for-you' options too. On stand, visitors can see the Synergy Systems in action and taste acid marshmallows produced with AcidoGel, heat resistant gummies with ResistaGel, mint and savoury marsh mallows with NeutralGel and mayonnaise with EmulsiGel.

Manufacturers can also learn more about Rousselot Healthy Choice and how gelatine offers an effective alternative to 'unhealthy' ingredients like fat and sugar. It is a natural ingredient with no E number meaning it can be incorporated into clean label products. Rousselot will be demonstrating chocolate cookies produced with hydrolysed gelatine. This is used as a protein source and bulking agent to achieve fat reduction without compromising taste.

Peptan, Rousselot's high-purity bioactive collagen peptides, looks set to generate significant interest. These have been produced using a rigorously controlled process which obtains a precise degree of hydrolysis and optimal molecular weight, to ensure optimum performance and ease-of-application.

Extensive research has proven Peptan's ability to support healthy aging and mobility as well as beauty where it rejuvenates skin collagen structure. Rousselot will be presenting the 2013 clinical study which focuses on Peptan and its positive impact on joint health--the findings have shown that Peptan can help reduce joint pain.

Rousselot will present Peptan in a host of sample formats. These include beauty almond cookies containing Peptan F (fish collagen peptides), chewable tablets made with Peptan B (bovine collagen peptides) plus peach-flavoured mobility sticks. These also contain Peptan B and have been developed in partnership with Laboratoire PYC.

Dr Paul Stevens, Global Research and Application Manager at Rousselot, will be hosting a module during the Fi Europe Conference on 'Investigating Functional and Health Ingredients that Tackle the Main Health Issues of Today--Obesity and Healthy Ageing'.

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Date:Oct 1, 2013
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