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Roundup-ready beef: nearly impossible to avoid.

My husband and I live in southern Utah. We own several horses and three cows. We wanted to find a less expensive way to feed our animals, so we found someone who said we could put our animals on their pasture to graze. We planted alfalfa and triticale in the pasture, but the weeds took over and it was a total flop.

A local hay grower suggested we buy Roundup-Ready alfalfa seed. This is genetically modified (GM) alfalfa that can tolerate being sprayed with Roundup herbicide. He told us that most hay growers in our area use it. We had no idea.

I learned from this experience that most folks don't really know what's in our beef. Is it Roundup-Ready beef? A lot of cows are allowed to graze in open fields. Before they're butchered, they're brought in to feedlots, where they're fed hay cubes and GM corn, soy and grain. In most areas, cows' feed must be supplemented with hay during winter. What kind of hay are they being fed? Is it Roundup-Ready alfalfa? We've found it's almost impossible to find hay that isn't sprayed with Roundup.

We're still working on sourcing feed for our animals that hasn't been contaminated with this toxic weedkiller.

Darlene Judd

Kanab, Utah

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Title Annotation:Dear Mother
Author:Judd, Darlene
Publication:Mother Earth News
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Oct 1, 2015
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