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Roundarch asks. " why lose the customer?".

Roundarch announced recently it has launched an online "advergame" called "Why Lose the Customer? An Interactive CRM Game." ( An advergame, says Roundarch, is a viral marketing concept grounded in the belief that if a company can bring its brand promise to life in the form of entertainment, it will be able to be noticed above the noise in the market and speak in a playful way to its target audience. "Why Lose the Customer?" is a scenario-based game that challenges the player to help navigate unsuspecting customers through 10 common customer interaction scenarios. Based upon a player's answers, he or she either loses the customer, saves the customer...or mildly tortures the customer. In addition to the playful nature of the cartoon-based game, this game also has imbedded key "factoids" to help players understand the reality around relationships, and asks individuals to rate how they think their company is performing.
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Date:May 1, 2002
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